Spar Wierda Park / Unethical behaviour

Pretoria, ZA

My name is Sabi Gideon Mabena and I reside at 370 b Theuns Van Niekerk street for the past 12 yrs, cell [protected] e-mail ; [protected] I, m a businessman who offers casual employment to casual labours .

On Friday the 10 of March 2017 at ± 18h25 I was purchasing supper for my family at spar Wierda park 2 when I was approached by a local casual who requested employment or cash from me, while the casual was begging, one of the spar staff members approached Us and started yelling at us to '' ### of his complex ''. I kept quite until he finished screaming and then I asked him what did I do wrong ? since I was just taking half of my orders to my car and still waiting for the other half. He said he is will kick me out if I don't ''### of now '' .

I went out and got to my car and realised that I couldn't go home without my children's supper . I went back and collected my orders before going to spar to try and lay a complain . when I got to Spar I did not meet a solution or closure.

I'm a loyal and dedicated customer of spar wierda park 2 for more than 12 yrs,
In my whole life I've never been harassed and humiliated as he did in front of other shoppers . I tried to complain at the shop but they told me it has been noted and they will follow up on it.

I humbly ask for assistance from concerned managers. I still don't know if I, m still welcome to shop at spar or am I banned. I fear for my safety, as i was threatened and warned by one of your staff member.

I request that my complain be resolved and that action be taken so no other loyal shopper experiences such shocking experience as I did.

Yours Faithfull

Mr Sabi Gideon Mabena

Mar 10, 2017

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