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Sunday 7 May 2017, I visited Spar at China mall in midrand. As I approached the door I saw it closed so I took out my phone to check the time so I could decide where to go, where they are still open and its 15:59 while looking at my phone I hear this man say "Its not yet 4!" as I hear him say this the doors opened so I proceeded to walk in to the shop after him, this white big male proceeds to run in to buy what he wants but then I am stopped. So I'm a young female short, small figure and most important BLACK and guess what thats the only reason I got stopped. I arrived at the same time as the guy but he was I allowed to get in and I wasn't what made him "so special". So at the door this male security guard starts pushing me saying I should go out, so I him tell to stop pushing me and then asked for the manager. Him and the two other securities (woman) that are there then start shouting saying "I won't go in, they want to knock off and I shouldn't waste their time." While this is going on the male security guard keeps pushing me. At this point I am getting really mad and start shouting "leave me alone, don't touch me. Why are you letting this white guy go through but I can't just because I am black." The shouting and pushing continued I then threatened to call the police thats when the guy stopped pushing me but the shouting continued as I am waiting, that white male comes out holding what ever he was going to buy in peace. So finally the manager appears and asks whats going on I then explain what had transpired then he says I should go in and get what I want. Now at this point I'm FURIOUS, so I pick up a bottle of wine and shout you disrespecting me just because I am black yet you treat white like they are superior and you have a [censored] nerve to touch me  my owe husband doesn't push me then I go out shopping to get abused NXA! I then went to the till where the lady scanned the wine and she then said oops its Sunday she forgot its to late to sell alcohol. I tried to calm myself down and started crying so I said mxm I forgot its fine so she gave me tissues and she calls this other manager who saw me walking in and shouting so she asked me him to cancel the transaction so he said its fine to her and  swiped his card then I was able to swipe my card and pay for the wine. I think this was to hopefully help calm me down and forget what happened. After paying I asked for the manager I was shown the office there I found both of them manager. The manager came out where I proceeded to ask for the names of the security guards he then said to me he doesn't know their names since he is not their manager and this was a security issue, what baffles me is that he feels this does not concern him a women being abused at your store where you are the manager, at that time it made me realise he didn't even apologize none of them did,   the security might be out sourced but remember I'm still a Spar customer. So one security guard came and started to plead with me not to complain and ask for forgives for what had happened he then said this to me which ticked me off "We are all African, we are brother and sister" so now my blackness matters because you realised you messed with the wrong black girl, a black girl who knows her rights and how speak up for herself a black girl who is tired of being treated like white people are superior to her by her own people because they fear and respect white people. Unfortunately I feel equal and feel I need to be treated the same. It happens every where I see it all the time just that the physical part just pushed me over the edge.
The names I managed to get:
Security guards
Kabuya, Manda, Zenande


May 08, 2017
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      Jun 10, 2017

    i always go to spar at nick's food in east london cbd. you should remember that this week it was very cold all over the place. so, i go to nick's spar in the morning in the cold having walked from where i am staying to my workplace. shortly after i have entered one security guard followed me nicely and demanded that i should take my hood off my head because it is not allowed in spar stores. i looked around and saw multiple people having the same things on their heads but this black security guard asks me to take off my hood. it is cold outside and it is cold inside the spar because of the air conditioner and the fridges. i do not know if it was because i am a coloured guy but these people are always treating me very bad here at this spar and also at spar in southernwood( everytime i go here some security guard and staff members are always following me), you tell me who is the racist person here, because it is definitely not me. i hereby hate going to spar henceforth because your staff are not doing their work here, they are rather leaving it up to the security guards to do. the staff also follows me around, why? i am a pharmacist so why should i steal something in your store?
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