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Spar / expired meat / bad customer service

1 Johannesburg, South Africa

Spar supermarket in my area is located at 3 minutes walking distance, so we go there on a daily basis. We wish it would be a woolworth's, so we could receive better service and higher standards, but unless we want to drive 20 minutes to get to the closest woolworth's, this is the supermarket we are forced to deal with.
On the 6th of November 2016, I bought Beef Bulk Potjiekos meat with a packed date of 06.11.2016 and best before 09.11.2016, when I got home I refrigarated it and that is where it stayed until I was ready to cook it on Sunday 13th of November 2016. Now it was 4 days after the best before date which I didnt even know about because for some crazy reason I trust Spar's brand after being warned against their meat several times in the past, nevertheless, when I took it out of the fridge it was off.
I took it back to Spar to show them and instead of listening to my story managers by the names of David Mausrurwa & Faziela Muzozvion were very quick to check which date I bought it as if I was lying because I did not have the payslip. When I tried to explain they moved past me and up to the office, Fazila could not even respond to me or even acknowledge my existince. After taking forever in the office David returned telling me he spoke to Oswald Coetzee (owner) and he agrees that I clearly did something to the meat as it would not look like that after a week in the fridge, he then walked away leaving myself, my husband and the rotten meat on the counter just there in the store. I felt so humiliated, and disrespected. I was accused of doing something to the meat to make it rotten, why would I buy meat then cause it to get rotten then take it back to the store? Besides that, do I not get treated as a valued customer? Do I not deserve respect?
I was appalled and I stil am, I have supported Spar for the longest time regardless of the high prices and bad service and the one time I return an item, I get treated like a criminal and disrespected in my face.

Im disgusted.

Nov 16, 2016

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