Spar / compliment and bad customer service

Johanessburg North, ZA

I decided to go to Spar Broad Acres to buy biltong, pay for my Dstv and to get some cash back, the service was good when I got to the till the cashier was friendly all smiles and making conversation with me, unfortunately I couldn't pay for Dstv at his till so he directed me to another till at the kiosk that was Sam and he has good customer service well done brother

when I get to the second till there was only one cashier I stand on the line as the cashier was still busy with someone on the till, the was a lady that came and jumped the que until she saw us standing and she ask if we were on the que I said yes, when it was my turn to be helped I was directed to the other till next to the one in the kiosk "flip I am late'' I said, the lady that jumped the que said 'UZOBA STRONG' meaning I'll be strong I asked her to repeat what she was saying but she was very rude in a way that she continued talking even when I was walking away, I was so pissed when I left the shop and its not that there is no Spar next to my work place there is one its just that they don't have biltong like the one I normally buy at broad acres

Dec 02, 2016

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