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Good morning,

I refer you to my check in reference o2gxwl, mauritius - johannesburg.
My ticket was mistakenly booked online through a travel agent under ronald james grimmer instead of ronald john grimmer, through no error of saa.
My issue is that I came to or tambo on 19 dec to speak to saa who gave me assurance that I would be able to board and that a simple ‘note' on the system to notify the relevant counter person was all that is needed.
This approval was attained through a team leader by the name of thungthung kotelo who gave the approval to the counter person to put a note on the system which would allow me to fly on the day, 21 december 2018.
On arrival, I was horrified to learn that I could not board and although the note exists in the system, they cannot proceed and that the approval given is irrelevant as mrs kotelo has no authority on this rule and technically is incorrect as the mauritian authorities are very strict so this ‘approval' should never have been given.
Due to the above misrepresentation, I was forced to rebook my ticket at r13k in order to fly on the day - my original ticket through the travel agent was r9400 which now was never used.

I am requesting a refund to the value of r13k in order to put this matter to rest - I don't think this is unreasonable.
Please advise.
Kind regards,

Feb 11, 2019

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