South African Airlines / beware bad service and luggage tampering

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I flew on May 22 on SA67 from Zambia. I was flying business class. At the airplane entrance, senior crew member Koko Mungani, requested that my carry on bag should be checked in despite the fact that the bag was well within the allowed size limit (115cm sum of all dimensions). Unfortunately, I had to comply, and baggage handler that was standing next to her took my bag. When I got home I realized that my cologne was missing from inside the bag (from a small pocket on the side of the bag).

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  • Su
      Aug 17, 2010

    It makes people aware Where there is smoke there is fire Service providers cannot be on a site like this too often

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  • Er
      Aug 17, 2011

    I have experienced exactly the same situation, also from Lusaka to joburg. In my case the flight attendant was a certain "kevin". I lost a digital camera which in the rush (the flight attendant was actually pressing and aggressive) I forgot to remove from the bag.

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  • Li
      Jun 03, 2016
    South African Airlines - Arrogant airhostesses
    South Africa

    Two years ago I said I will never fly with SAA again (Flew to Argentinia). Almost everything on the plane was broken and the airhostess was so ARROGANT !! I thought maybe it improved and I flew to J-Bay in November - on the flight back I booked in my stroller (infant travelling with me) with a ticket that says " Delivery at Aircraft, Remember, Dear Customer, this item will be delivered at the aircraft door or at the foot of the stairs. Please wait for it." When I got off the plane I asked the hostess where my stroller was and she said that I cannot have it and I must collect inside the airport. I explained about my ticket (no 32679) and she got more and more impatient with me. While talking to her they offloaded my stroller not even 10m from where we were standing. I said I was going to collect it and she got so arrogant and made a very big scene ! I wasn't the only mom with a baby that had to put up with her attitude ! I think its pathetic that they are not willing to help mothers with babies since I was travelling alone, had to get on a bus and drive very far to the airport. From now on I will DEFINITELY NEVER EVER travel with SAA again and I will tell all my friends and business partners about the pathetic service of SAA hostesses ! Maybe the "authority" given to them to "serve" us is too big to handle.

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