I bought 3 items, a shoes and 2 t-shirts using a coupon + credit card
Souq egypt sent me 2 days later that the seller will not be able to provide the shoes (although I can still see it available and others can still order it), they said that the credit card amount (the smaller part) will be refunded in few days without mentioning any thing about tbe coupon( the larger part of the amount)
I called them and they promissed someone will get back to me with a solution in 2 days, no one called. I called the 3rd day they said the agent i contacted is not available and they left him a note to call me (why should I wait for the same agent!!), the day next I called again that no one called me, they said be sure he will call u today, the day next the same occured. It is 8 days till now without even a call from their side, just me chasing with no interest nor respect from their side for my issue.
Souq Egypt

Jan 20, 2017

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