Souq.comnever on time, ever!

This is starting to get absurd. Every single item is late, even when we pay EXPRESS extra charges for items to be delivered within a day, even that arrived two days late, yet the cost difference was never refunded! Now i ordered an iphone for my moms birthday, it was supposed to be delivered on 10th of may, today is the 13th! I have called on the 10th, called on the 11th, everytime was told that management would call me back. I was advised to call your shipping partner (cause apparently i work now for souq and need to run after your business partners on my own behalf. Nobody called back. I have failed to give my mother a birthday present, you made me look like an idiot, so yes, thank you for that. I have ordered for many thousands of dirhams just in this year alone and i am not placing a single order until management finds a way to compensate for these issues. You charge money for express delivery and don't deliver and don't give refund, what is that?! I think Amazon will be very surprised when they see how you work and that they have overpaid to acquire your underwhelming service.
Who ever is in your management needs to be replaced as the entire service - from how you handle customers to shipping partners is a disaster and needs attention immediately. At the current state you are basically ripping off your customers.

May 13, 2017

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