Hi Souq

a month and a half ago we bought a two in one lamp from you, when it arrived there was a piece missing, after raising the issue the customer service at said they would get back to us, a week or so passed and no answer, so we asked to return the product, which we did, however, this was refused because "there was a missing piece", yes of course there was a missing piece, it came missing that piece. After much emails and incessant talks with the very badly managed customer service, they asked we re-send the piece to refund, we did and low and behold, the piece was refused again (despite assurances from customer service), and the piece was returned back to us, and this time the lamp actually came back broken.

A super lousy customer journey, we know sellers default on their products, but overall it was the way that this was handled by the customer service at souq that really topped it, very unprofessional people there, who most don't even know how to speak english properly, so we are there struggling to put our complaint to someone who frankly we are not sure is understanding us.

very very poor and lousy problem solving from i know you handle loads of shipments per day, but really you just lost a customer as small as i may be and insignificant.

goodbye souq

Nov 26, 2018

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