SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / item returned without consulting/seller support keeps disconnecting my calls

We are extremely disappointed and angry with the treatment we have received from souq seller support. All matter aside, all my complaints aside, the most offensive thing is that when I am calling now my calls are being slammed shut and disconnected by the representatives. They say they are transferring the call then drop the line and twice they just disconnected after hearing my matter. This is not the way to run a multi millionaire business. Sellers are the reason your company stands and this is not the way to treat them.

Now coming towards my matter, a customer returned the item we shipped to them and the reason was that we shipped the wrong item, which was not true as the item was exactly as mentioned in the description. Now when the item came back to us it was completely destroyed and in unsaleable condition. we complained against the item and requested for it to be sent back to the customer and transfer money to us. I waited for weeks to hear from them and when they finally replied to our email they asked for picture proof of the item (which i had already sent too)
Now it was a little unclear to me as they said they want picture without the box and I was skeptical as we have never received a request like that so i sent the pictures again of the damaged box. Now if they see properly on the box it says the name of the item that is mentioned in the description. However, just because I did not send the correct images they asked they decided themselves that we are lying (even though we have sent and mentioned that the item was correct and sent pictures of the item) and they refunded the money to the customer and accepted return from our side.
For ever little mistake or delay made from our side they call us hundreds of times and send hundreds of emails. but for this little thing they could not send one more email saying no we need images without box? What kind of process is this? You are saying that we are lying? There is no respect for sellers and no proper channel for the sellers to make complains.
We want the money and we want the item taken from our office. Very disappointing service. Will definitely take severe action against this!

Nov 19, 2017

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