Souq.comdelivery with wing.

I chose "same day delivery" on May-19th and not it's May-30th and my item did not arrive.
I opened 4 tickets with their customer service desk and every time I get the generic reply that they are looking into the issue and then close the ticket 4 days later stating that they have not heard back from ME!
Absolutely horrid customer service skills, I thought after Amazon purchased Souq the customer service would be better but I was completely wrong, the customer service is now worse than ever and no amount of complaints or what you say in those complaints even get read.
I'm very frustrated with this service level but I will not stop by posting here, I am taking this to the consumer protection portal UAE gov. and I will post about it on my social media (I'm an influencer) to let everyone one know the amount of hardship they have to go through to actually receive an item they already paid for.

May 30, 2018

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