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Good day I hope you are all fine.

I know part of this complaint is not for you but still you can take a look at it since Q express is one of your delivery company.
Actually the reason for this is to raise a complaint regarding my shipment. Maximum delivery time that I was informed from your website is November 26, but unfortunately it wasn't deliver which I understand because of the numbers delivery. So I was expecting it the 27th, I also received a message that it is out of delivery already, I've waited the whole day and it didn't come. So I called Q express CS, I was assured that they guys will deliver it the next day 28th, okay I understand again but unfortunately it didn't come. I was so disappointed because you guys keep on telling me the word "tomorrow you will receive your shipment" I was also informed that someone from your team will call me since I really need it badly. So yesterday one of your driver called me but unfortunately I wasn't able to answer it since I was at work and it is already late but even though I called the number back right after 15 minis. So he said he will deliver it to my place that night, we even talked about the directions and landmark of my address so he can find it easily. My parents waited but I just learned that nobody showed up. I call today tracking my shipment but Maria from your CS told me that I will receive it tomorrow. Like seriously?!!! I don't think I am impatient or something. I believe it is your shortcomings already not mine. The items is even intended for a gift but unfortunately the birthday is way over. Nobody seems to be even helpful every time I called. This is the 2nd complaint I raised through sq but nothing happens, it a shame on your part as well since the blame will be directed to you not to q express. Thank you so much.

Nov 29, 2017
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  • Lo
      Nov 29, 2017

    i am having a similar problem, the issue is more from Q-express.. I did an order on Souq on November 22nd. Expected delivery date was on Nov 25th.. They called me on Friday 23rd for delivery at office, which is not normal since it's weekend. I asked them to either deliver it on Sunday or deliver it to my house..I called Q-express on Monday to ask about the shipment as it was delayed (was expected yesterday).. Bug surprise as they told me that I called them and cancelled the order.. after insisting and asking them to send me the records of my calls, they finally admitted that someone from their teams did a mistake and cancelled the order. and they apologised and offered me a refund of the money i paid..which is not logic as the shipment was intended to be a gift that i purchased during Black Friday and the item is out of stock now. I insisted to get my item as i paid for it already on Nov 22nd.

    They raised a case internally to check what happened with my order and where is the shipment now.. I called yesterday and no updates. the delay is 4 days now.

    I also opened a case at Souq, but no news yet.

    Qexpress did a big mistake and will never trust them anymore..

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