My delivery was delayed 9 days from the delivery date

Firstly, The delay has not only
caused inconvenience, it has caused a great loss of money and clients due to my inability to commit to a deadline which was due souq's incompetence and disrespect towards the client needs.

I would like to state some of the details of this order. I have called souq call centre 6 times in 3 days, wasted more than 40 aed of phone credit and over 2 hours of my time on these phone calls only to receive false promises of a delivery within 48 hours and representatives assuring me that a manager will contact me within 24 hours, ofcourse none of this happened.
And when i presented these issues to the representative i was shocked to find out that the manager knows of my issue and is blatantly refusing to talk to me or even give me a minute of his" oh so precious " time.

I do not care what has caused this delay but what i do care about is the fact that i can no longer trust souq with any of my future orders and will no longer be using souq services and will for sure advise everyone i know to do the same. Afterall, souq is not the only online selling platform in the UAE and i am confident other platforms will have a bit more respect towards their clients than souq has.

Dec 03, 2018

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