Souq.comdelay in shipment

Dear Team,

A disastrous service provided upfront and providing false and misleading information on product shipment (Foreo luna Facial Cleansing Brush and Massager Silicon Vibration Waterproof Pink colour"

Today morning given a call to courier service they informed the product will be delivered b/w 10-1pm maximum 2pm However that was a lie and misleading info from courier service team later they came up with more lie to hide there mistake the product cancelled from customer end due to refusal or acceptance from customer end and yes then again i given call to understand that part act of refusal from my end they changed the statement and said customer mobile was switched off .
Later, I call souq team and even worse response from your end by agent ( Asheley, Zoher and Ishwar ) and even tried contacting Mortaza Team Leader but he is not at all able to attend the call because he is too busy .Sorry to understand whether this so called agent and team leader have professional etiquette causing a reputation issue to organization in total.
All i want to know whether this product will be delivered today or not however the same agent is misleading and having lack of information

I kindly ask the top management to take strict action against mentioned names and i will make sure i can escalate the issue to consumer court and get the compensation for this level of action

Feb 04, 2017

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