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1 Malaysia

A laptop of Series SR was bought in July '09 with lines on screen during starting, shutting down and hibernating. Complaints had been made to the Sony distributor and a claim of software faulty was declared.
Due to the urgency of aboarding for studies and time constraint, laptop was brought overseas without sending into Sony Service Centre (Service takes 2~3 weeks).
4 months later, laptop was brought back to Malaysia for service. On the 19th Dec '09, SR was sent to Distributor and a claimed that 2~3 weeks of service time would be taken. On the 19th Jan '10, distributor called and said that laptop was available for collection. Upon collection, laptop was checked and a claimed of changing of LCD was made. However, obviously the problem of the laptop having lines during starting up, shutting down and hibernating was not solved at all.
A complaint was made directly to the KL service centre right after that. Staff from Sony said that they could only help me unless I send in my SR for the second time. On the 27th Jan '10, laptop was then send directly to JBS and a promise of 1~2 weeks of service would be taken. Calls were made to KL service centre for assurance and service tracking. KL claimed that it was due to the LCD and they were waiting for sparepart to arrive. A few complaints were made after a few days. a confirm date of 8th Mar '10 was given for the new LCD to arrive at KL. Due to the urgency, I requested a replacement or refund from Sony and they claimed that another 2~3 weeks would be taken for them to process it. However, I've already made myself clear that my flight was near to date and my laptop was still at KL waiting for the sparepart or replace or refund.
On 10th Feb '10, Sony service centre claimed that the LCD was fixed and they have already run it a few times for quality checking and so the laptop was sent back to JBS. Again, laptop still having the same problem upon my 2nd collection from service centre.
Upon the dissapointment, another complaint was made to KL service centre and laptop was then send back to KL again (for the 3rd time). After a few hours, KL staff called and claimed that the laptop problem was due to the specification and not all the SR having same problem.
On 11th Feb '10, staff called and said that no replacement will be done due to the specification of the laptop and ALL SR ARE HAVING THE SAME PROBLEM. Besides, a comment of " The problem of the screen is still the Quality Control tolerable range" was made from SONY. If there is QC, why only my laptop have such problem?
Another complaint of the loose LAN port cover was made at the same time. Nothing was done.

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