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I bought a notebook from Sony Malaysia's agent on 13-02-2010 at Midvalley.In June 2010 there was a problem with the notebook's hard disk. I sent the notebook to Sony Malaysia's service centre in Midvalley somewhere in June 2010 and after leaving the notebook with them for about a week I was informed that there is nothing wrong with the notebook's hard disk.On the 03-01-2011 the hard disk refused to boot and since I am working overseas in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates I sent the notebook to Sony's Middle East Agent for repairs as I assumed it would be covered by the manufacturers warranty since the notebook is less than 12 months old.The Sony agent in Abu Dhabi informed me on the same day that the hard disk in the notebook has spoilt and needs to be replaced but they were unable to do it because I was informed by the Sony representatives both in Abu Dhabi and Malaysia ( By phone) that the manufacturers warranty for replacement of any faulty parts is only valid in the country of purchse (i.e Malaysia) but there is a free 12 months international service warranty .This information should be informed to the buyer before the product was purchesed and not when there is a fault with the product.It means that if a tourist from Europe were to purchase the same notebook that I did and if it broke down or malfunctioned in his home country then the tourist will have to fly to Malaysia to repair the notebook.Does this make any sense or not? Please advise

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  • Ak
      Apr 09, 2010

    Sony DCR-DVD908, with full replacement warranty on damage. Sony will not do any replacement on any parts or fix the problems because it was bought in a different country. they say they only repair sony in the country in which it bought.. so they avoid any warranty by their policy of send it back. I even paid for it to be serviced in the USA and got it back the next day with note they do not fix out of country sony. they did not even refund the $280 i paid for service.
    should have been fixed for no charge.

    sony a rip off company.. will never buy sony again in any product they make.

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  • Ke
      Mar 01, 2011

    I bought KDL-55HX800 SONY 3-D TV 2 months back and now that TV is showing ghost images. SONY has denied to replace TV. After several calls some local technician of SONY distributor picked my TV set and trying to repair it. I am so frustrated with SONY. I paid $2500 for this TV and now I am frustrated since SONY deceived me by selling such a product. I am thinking to take legal action against SONY. Please check Sony Style support forums for complaint subject “Serious problem with Sony-3D TV”. I suggest all victims of SONY products to file a legal fraud case against SONY. It is a fraud against poor consumers who pays so much money and get faulty products. Economical damage worth $2500 and mental stress worth Millions of dollars.

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  • Ho
      Sep 20, 2011

    I bought a Sony 330A digital camera off of ebay on May 5th of 2011. Just shortly after my purchase I noticed a malfunction on the camera. I called the seller and was told they could not find anything wrong with it after sending it back to them for review. They suggested that I call the Sony customer service department to see what they could do as it was supposed to be under warranty. I spoke directly with a SONY representative. She asked me where I purchased the camera, when and from who. I specifically asked if since I made my purchase off ebay if the camera was still under warranty and was told YES. I was also told that the warranty was good for one year after the date of my purchase. I specifically asked this question because if it weren't under warranty, I would send it back to the seller NOT to SONY for either repairs or my money back. Shortly after i sent the camera to SONY for the repairs I received an e-mail with a bill but not a single statement as to what the issue was and how it was fixed. ONLY a bill for the labor and repairs. I sent one back saying, I don't think so and who blindly pays for a repair that is not explained. You don't go to your mechanic and tell him to charge you whatever for whatever he does to your vehicle? That would be costly and outrageous. Got a call the next day from another SONY rep telling me that my purchase off of ebay was NOT under warranty and oh so sorry for your wasted shipping costs and time vested and that their representative was wrong. I asked to speak to someone of higher authority and was told "NO". Unbelieveable that SONY, as large as they are, has such poor, mistrained representatives and such poor customer service. In the real world, if you make a claim, you own up to it whether or not it cost your company money or not. I will be going to every single website I can to let everyone know what a rip off this company is as they were more than willingly to blindly accept my money and to not buy any products if you ever plan on having to fix them under their so called warranty.

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  • Pe
      Jun 07, 2012

    No Service HIH90458, SN 1844124, Model SLT A55v. Saya sangat sedih dan
    sangat terkilan kerana kamera ini yang saya beli dengan harga rm 3000
    hanya bertahan dalam 2 tahun. saya menjaga dengan baik dan tiada
    terhantuk, jatuh atau kena air tetapi tiba-tiba menjadi gelap sewaktu
    mengambil gambar dan tertulis kamera error...saya masih lagi berhutang
    dengan aeon sebanyak 2000 tetapi kamera sudah rosak. Siapa sanggup
    berbelanja lebih untuk jangkahayat 2 tahun?..Jika begini saya tidak lagi
    mempercayai jaminan dan kualiti yang dijanjikan pihak sony. Menurut
    pegawai khidmat pelanggan di sony centre Kuala Lumpur, kerosakan begini
    disebabkan jangkahayat selepas satu tahun adalah biasa berlaku maka pihak
    sony tidak akan bertanggungjawab diatas kerosakan ini. Jawapan yang
    diberikan amat mengecewakan saya dan saya rasa teraniaya.

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  • Mo
      May 28, 2013

    Saya telah membeli sebuah TV Projektor kira-kira 4 tahun yang lalu di Court Mammoth. Sekarang Tv berkenaan tidak boleh di buka kerana butang "buka' tidak berfungsi dengan baik kerana ia terpadam sendiri. apakah masalah tv saya tersebut

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