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Hi Team,

I bought a SONY LCD model no-KLV-32NX500 few years ago.
Suddenly, the LCD stopped working. When checked it with Authorised sony service center, they said motherboard is not working of the LCD and it would charge 7500 for this part.
We were okay with paying 7500 for the part as the LCD was out of warranty.

However, then they said the part is not available with SONY.

Now, the LCD is waste for us. The money is a total waste for us.

I just want that SONY should replace the LCD with a new one, if they don't have the part available with them.

This kind of scenario is total an example of not treating customer fairly. I am very unsatisfied with the response of Sony India.

Sony as a brand is the one of the top brands we have cross the world and when you face such kind of issue, then it is very disappointing indeed.

I have attached the repair receipt of the LCD.

Hoping for a positive response, else, I have to go to Consumer court India.

Rakesh Gilhotra

Sony India
Sony India
Sony India

Jan 21, 2015
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  • Vi
      29th of Aug, 2008
    Sony India - Sony India is selling defective products
    Sony India

    I bought a 32" Sony Bravia LCD TV. The picture lack clarity and to me it looks that it is a defective product. I wrote to Sony India several times but failed to get a response. I called Sony India customer service helpline also several times but failed to get a satisfactory response.

    I feel that i have been cheated. It is really pathetic that sony india is cheating it's customers.

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  • Da
      5th of Sep, 2008

    Dear Sir,
    With due regard, this is to say you that purchase a camera model no. DSC-S750 E37, Serial no. 4058629 from ur delar named M/s. Best Buy, Moradabad (U.P.) on dated 10.06.08. After some time it became out of order. I gave it to the sony authority service center, moradabad on dated 04.08.08. They assured me to give it back after one week. But now around one month has been passed but I didn't get my camera back. As with in two months of after purchasing, your camers has tecnical problem so I want a new camera place of the old one otherwise I take a legal action in ur company.

    Davendra Singh

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  • Ma
      15th of Sep, 2008

    I am facing the same issue with Sony india and their dealer Dayal Infotainment, Shipra mall, Indirapuram, Ghaziabad...I wrote this mail to them 3 weeks ago and I am yet to get any reply on, pathetic service by Sony

    For last one month, I am suffering from WORST quality of Sony service centre and the callousness & robot type attitude of their call centre ladies..This has all forced me to present my case through this email communication so that appropriate authority could take action on it…if not, I would explore other third party options….Otherwise I am still hopeful Sony service management team is sensitive enough to take action based on it..

    The long story but cut short here begins from 26 July’2008…

    I purchased a Sony music system (Model no. MHC-GNZ333D) from Dayal Infotainment [Shipra Mall, Indirapuram, Ghaziabad] on July 26’ 2008….I choose Sony over other thinking its product quality might be of superior quality and at least professional service quality….
    Within few days of installations, the FM subsystem started giving problems….Randomly it worked fully or didn’t work at all….Surprised at the problem at that very early stage, I did what a normal customer expected to do…Register a complaint at the call centre [req. no. 3145705 dt. 04/08/2008]…Mind you, before that I had followed with the dealer to try to resolve it…
    So, as expected the technician came and did numerous times ON/OFF of power switch..and it started working….As the problem was having random nature, I thought it started working though logically I was not convinced with him…He didn’t bother check the system either…

    As I was expecting, the problem started coming again…This time I made another request again [3181272 dt 16/08/2008]….The technician came on 20/08/2008 and said there is problem with FM tuner and it would take 3-4 days of time to parts come….I was least the problem was diagnosed [hopeful]…

    Now, the real problem started…

    When I made enquiry about the status of my request at call centre [Sony] around 25-26 Aug, the lady said that the parts didn’t come yet…I said how long it will take as I was informed it would take 3-4 days…She said that for single part it might take time as all parts are imported from outside India and probably they would wait till more parts order come to fit in a lot….This was totally unprofessional…Then I requested service manager contact number…She refused to give…..I couldn’t get the answer why?...Is there no way to escalate further from these robot like call centre professional?...

    Then I made some personal and background effort to get contact number of one Mr. Naveen (Sony service deptt employee)….So, made a call to him on Aug 28’2008…He said your parts has not yet arrived but there is another same part…He would get done tomorrow…

    The technician came after a long waiting (initially the time was fixed at 11:00 AM) at around 4:00 PM on Aug 29’2008 with the NEW part….At least, I am bit happy that now I could enjoy my new system fully which I couldn’t do yet right FRM DAY 1…. But that was not the destiny….The technician discovered that the part was not compatible with the system….Any sensitive person could imagine how would I feel cheated and frustrated with the worst quality of service with so much wastage of my individual productive time waiting for the technician whole day, and calling up all kind of service people to get my problem resolved…..Anyhow, the service centre technician went again to collect another part from dealer….He came with another NEW part and fitted it….Alas!! it didn’t work….The technician also said he couldn’t do anything more though he tried very hard…

    Now, the every kind of problem-request-resolution cycle has passed with no conclusion except that the part is inherently defective and needs a replacement….I wouldn’t favor any kind of offsite R&D request on the system considering the fact that the system is barley one month old and the problem was coming right from DAY ONE…..So, I request to do necessary action to get the replacement done….

    Manish (9871623441)

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  • Sa
      17th of Sep, 2008

    I have purchased MHC888D model from sony world @ BSk in Jan. In Jun-July I have noticed that the sound is breaking while playing. I have informed the service center and they said that they have replaced 3 ICs to solve the problem. After 1 month the problem is again started and I have again sent me set to the service center. After lying there for abt the month they are not being able to find out the problem and given back the set without fixing it up day before yesterday. Yesterday while playing again the same problem occured.

    This is really becoming a headache for me. I have purchased Sony with an impression that it has got the best technology and support. I would like to request the higher authority to look into the matter and arrange for a replacement at the earliest or else I would file the case in the consumer forum.

    I am looking for a favorable reply and help me out to solve the issue.

    Sanjay Sen

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  • Ga
      30th of Sep, 2008

    yeah same problem here i have a problem in my 32" lcd tv sony bravia black dot appears at the left hand corner due to pixeles missing.really i had complaint many times in customer support but result is is true that the company is more flexible to profit orientation than customer satisfation.u can also add me for the same problem.

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  • Mi
      17th of Oct, 2008

    I would like to contact someone in India and the Sony company that their quality control stinks and should consider retraining their people to do the job right the first time and quit wasting the Americans working class money and time in the US. I could not get any service on my Bravia 46BR4 purchased 6 monthes before, Sony could not get me any service in my area, I had a problem with it on Oct. 2 and haven't seen anyone yet! This is Oct. 17th and no one in my area in Wisconsin will not service it because I didn't buy it from them! What a poor attitude from the furniture and appliance store near my home, now I had to agree to bring this unit to a closer location about 30 miles south of me, Sony has an internal problem with home service for warranties. i have never heard of this in all my years of being a service person myself or consumer, how do we get this resolved and fix the mess we are in with poor consumer treatment and lack of respect for our hard earned money. I'm very angry at the Sony Co. and the people connected to them, you are loosing many customers left and right, get your head on straight and SAVE YOUR REPUTATION NOW!

    A very unsatisfied consumer

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  • Ba
      22nd of Apr, 2011

    Joning with you, Sony is cheating indians...

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  • Mo
      9th of Jun, 2011


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