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Sony DSC-W570 Cybershot Camera / Worst Customer Service and Product Quality I have Encountered in Sony

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This is how and my wife experience the worst of Sony Customer Service and Product quality here in Philippines. My wife bought a Sony DSC-W570 Cybershot Camera together with a Sony Bravia 32 " LCD TV in a SONY Fair here in Manila last October 22, 2011. After 8 months we buy those products the LCD TV blackout or with no display without any signs of problems (take note that we rarely use the TV because we are both working in same company). We are dismay because we knew that Sony have a good reputation on quality of their products. What we did was we called Sony Service Center to fix things out, they send a technician and examined the unit. The technician said that he needs to bring the LCD TV in their service center because the unit problem is software related and cant be fixed at home. We wait 1 month before they returned the unit and already fixed and since its still on warranty, obviously we did not pay anything. But we are already dismay on what happen to that LCD TV. We thought that its just on the TV. But here's what happen to the Sony DSC-W570 Cybershot that we bought. Few weeks ago, after recording several video and taking pictures, the unit also blackout with no display. At first we thought that the battery just drain out or the memory reach its limits and cant handle the file anymore. So we fully charged the battery and moved all the files from the SD card to our laptop, but still the camera wont open. After few more days before bringing the item to a service center, we turn on the camera and now the lense extended but still no display. We try to capture picture even thought we cant see anything on the screen, When I transfer the SD card to our Laptop the picture were captured and having no signs of problem in picture quality, so we conclude that the problem is on the LCd which now having flicker.So for the second time around we are dismay. But since the camera is having a 3 year warranty, we went to a near Authorized Sony Service Center and explained what happen hoping that they will fixed this unit and of course without any cost. But after just 2 days, we have received text messages that we need to pay 5, 863.00 PHP for the parts and 800.00 PHP for the labor if we want the unit to be fix. So we called the Sony Service Center to clear things out because the unit is still on warranty period. Thats the only time they said that they void the warranty because of negligence or misused ( they cant decide which one to use). They said the the board is corroded and need to be replaced with the LCD. We asked them what cause the board to be corroded? They said maybe its got wet or having moisture inside. So we explain to them that theres no way on earth that our unit will got wet because we rarely use it and we store it properly. We read the manual that is why we know how to store it properly and use it properly. We removed battery and put the camera inside a bag made of cotton cloth when we need to store it for a period of time in our cabinet. So we ask hows that possible? And besides we are not dumb asking to fix the unit under warranty if we soak the unit with water. They even not sure what really makes the board corroded, if its moisture or got wet or anthing else. And they keep on insisting the they will void the warranty because of negligence or misused after our explanation and we need to pay for a total of 6, 663.00 PHP if we want the unit to be fixed. My! What really happen? As if we buy a new unit on that price!!! And theres no way we will pay them with that price as if we really misuse their product. Is that what Sony have? They are transferring the blame on their customers because of their poor quality products having defects? We told them we will just get the unit and raise a complaint on DTI (Department of Trade and Industry) here in Philippines. They told us that we need to pay 500.00PHP for the examination fee before they will return the unit to us. Really? Oh My! I'm planning to buy the Sony Xpria Z tablet that will be released soon, but since what we experienced in Sony Customer Service theres no way I will buy any Sony products. I hope this will also be a lessons learn to others. And take note I have research on web and found individuals with same problem as mine with the same camera unit. I have attached just one of them.

Sony DSC-W570 Cybershot Camera

Apr 16, 2013
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  • An
      17th of Apr, 2013
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    sir i think i will undergo same situation with you i hope they will not do the same what they did to you...i've complained my brand new led tv ( 5 months old) with sony philippines service..they said that they will check our unit...then the call agent said that we should make sure that it is not our negligence because the warranty will be void... the problem with my tv unit it has vertical lines/bars on screen... and i/ve read some of the problems/complaints in the led tv unit of sony in USA...same problem with my unit... so sad...

  • So
      22nd of Apr, 2013
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    Greetings !

    I apologize if you are not completely satisfied with the service provided to you and do understand you are requesting to escalate your issue.

    Unfortunately, we provide information and support for Sony's products manufactured for sale and use here in the United States.

    Please relay your issue and your request for further review to our Support Center for India at:

    Please feel free to contact Sony at your convenience.

    Thank you,

    Pat Kennedy
    Sony Support USA

  • So
      23rd of May, 2013
    0 Votes

    Good day @gieronprz,

    Thank you for your message.

    I'm Pat Kennedy with the Sony Support USA Team. I apologize if you are not completely satisfied with our customer service.

    If you are outside the US, please visit the Sony Global Web site ( ) for information on contacting the Sony Support Center in your region for a review of your case.

    Thank you for your post today and again, our most sincere apologies...

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