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We have been trying to contact someone from Sony about our issue every day for a week. We continue to get people who could careless what our issue is much less want to fix the issue. We have been laughed at by your so called lead technician of your television department with your on site tech here to witness the event. The on site tech did not understand why the tech on the phone was not fixing the issue. When I first called Sony the tech argued over the fact he knew what was wrong with the television without seeing. Because I asked how long will this take to fix the television if he has the wrong part. I was told to be home Thursday, no one showed up, I was told be home Friday no one showed up. I contacted the company who was coming to fix and they did not come because Sony didn't send the part.

Everyone we have spoken with from Sony has had the " I don't give a [censored] attitude". Today was the last straw. Your technician laughed at the problems we had and did not care about fixing. This tv was brand new. We just turned it on to be told tough luck

Jun 04, 2018

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