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I recently order a Nikon Camera and lenses online from Sonic. After not receiving a confirmation email, I called the company. They asked for the CCD from my Credit card (which was reasonable). Then they went into their sales mode. They wanted me to pay $135 for the EN-EL3e that would normally be packaged with it from Nikon (retail is about $40). Then they wanted me to buy memory (2GB for $80) and an extended warranty. I declined. They completed the order (or so I thought).

A couple of hours later, I received an email stating that my order was canceled due the item being out of stock but that they would contact me when stock came in if I wanted to reinstate my order. I suspect that since I did not purchase all of their add-ons that they canceled my order. I say that because the camera still showed available on-line. I ended up buying my camera from a more reputable source (at a much higher price).

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  •   Oct 21, 2008
    Sonic Camera - Terrible everything
    United States

    Don't do business with them... PERIOD! After you try to clarify your order because they send you some b-s email saying to call get transferred to (lack-o) management named Bruce... hang up quick before the insults start and he starts saying f-you and f-that... tells you have no idea what you are talking about ect. I told him my wife is a professional photographer (which she is..) and I was buying her this lens for a birthday present - and he said: 'Your wife is f-ing stupid and has no idea what she wants...' Customer service - WOW!

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