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Paid $185 for a solar floodlight(worked ok-not very bright)it stopped working after 3 mnths (just as long as thier WARRANTY)tried a new bat. ($30+)still didnt work, they told me to follow their troubleshoot (no luck) and i am basically out of luck. They just dont care!! dont buy from them, you're just taking a chance that your product will work after the warranty expires.


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      Aug 13, 2009

    This person is obviously acting like a 'brat'. If the warranty had expired then the warranty had expired. What is the point of retailer or manufacturer setting a warranty period if the customer wants it to be infinate or wanys it to be extended just to suit them? No doubt the warranty period was made fully aware to this person BEFORE they made a purchase. So what's the point of complaining later? That company probably has thousands of other satisfied customers and this is just one person bratting because they are not getting their own way! You take a chance on anything you buy these days, specially once the warranty ends. That's why there is such a thing called 'extended warranties' if it concerns you that much. No point in complaining if you didn't take such an option. If they helped you out with troubleshooting it sure sounds like they offered you out of warranty support. Well that's a rare thing these days. There are plenty of companies out there that even charge for out-of-warranty support (computer and printer manufacturers are just 2 examples and their products are not cheap). This complaint certainly doesn't sound like that company doesn't care. Instead, it sounds more like you just want to sound off about your own bad luck. That's not a complaint.

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  • S
      Aug 14, 2009

    In response to Ben's comments we completely disagree. This customer was fully aware of the warranty on this product. He even signed to agree that he had read, understood and accepted our Terms & Conditions which included details about warranties. Therefore this customer was fully aware right from the outset before he even made his purchase with us. He is then reminded of the warranty in the footnote on his invoice which was supplied with his order. So there is no excuse. After sales support was offered to this customer outside of the warranty. We tried to help the best we could. However the warranty has a timeframe and this was way outside of that even allowing for a little goodwill. We have to draw the line somewhere. Just because this customer wasn't getting his own way he decided to complain about it. We serve hundreds of thousands of customers every year, from all around the world. Putting this into perspective, complaints are less than 0.001%. Almost every customer we serve is more than happy with our service and our products. There will always be one or two customer who you cannot please and probably thats just their nature. Just because a customer demands something beyond what is reasonable, if the company or supplier doesn't bow down and move the goal posts, that doesn't make that company or supplier a bad one. We stand behind all the products we sell. They all come with warranties (from 90 days to 2 years) and if in the rare instance where a product fails, if its within warranty its promptly repaired or replaced (if found to be genuinely defective) and if its out of warranty then we do our best to support and help the customer troubleshoot. After that, we do offer spare parts for most of our popular products. That's way more than most stores and web sites offer. If we "didn't care" then why would we offer all that? We cannot be blamed for this customer's 'bad luck' !

    In response to John's comments, well we would have to kinda agree with John. You are right, an intelligent person knows that you take a chance with anything you buy, no matter how much it costs, once a warranty expires. Whether its a something small, simple and cheap as a calculator or big, complex and expensive as an automobile. You sure can't go blaming the seller after the warranty has long expired.

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      Feb 02, 2010
    Solar Illuminations - Company refused to refund
    Solar Illuminations
    United States

    Paid 358.00 for 2 solar lights, faulty lights, company refused to refund, wanted to charge to repair, reported to BBB, basically said "SO What". Feel free to contact me for "full" story!

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      Feb 18, 2010

    In response to John6356, "who pissed in your wheaties?" The man spent a 185$ on a light. It should work for more than three months regardless of what the warranty says.

    In reponse to solarilluminations, you should be ashamed of yourself. Stop selling crappy product and profitting off of the ignorance of the general public. Solar lighting for almost every scenario is a waste of money.

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  • C
      Jan 11, 2014

    This anti American company selling to Americans knows that they have inferior products made in china. Our company made a $5000.00 mistake and bought a solar of-grid street light that has been a nightmare since it was purchased. LET THE BUYER BEWARE!

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