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SnapFish / received someone else's order

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Alicia Rafferty, the wedding was beautiful. I feel like I was there. Unfortunately, Snapfish royally screwed up my order. I was sent 232 photos of the best day of someone else's life along with my own photos, many of which were missing. I am completely ticked at the response I received when I called Snapfish's 1-800 customer support number, especially after spending over $80 and it was my first order with the company. First of all, someone who barely spoke English and was probably in some call center in a foreign country somewhere answered. He was rude and condescending when I tried to explain the problem with my order. After being put on hold for several minutes, he finally agreed to issue credit for the missing pictures. I insisted on free shipping since it was not my fault that the order was wrong, but had to ask for it myself.

When MY problem was finally resolved, I asked what we could do about the 232 precious pictures I had received in error which belong to someone else. His response was "nothing, no need to return them". I said "what about the woman who ordered those? I have her name and barcode number. Will you be contacting her?" He rudely said "I don't need to know her name. If she doesn't receive her pictures, then she can call us". Obviously, she is not going to get her pictures. I placed a reorder of my missing prints with the credit I was issued, but I can assure you, it will be my last order with Snapfish.

In closing, sorry Alicia... I am truly concerned about your pictures, but Snapfish customer services apparently couldn't give a crap. I will hold on to them for a while. Chances are you may want to write a complaint too and will stumble across this posting... if so, respond. I would be happy to send them back to you. As for Snapfish, we are done.

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      25th of Jun, 2008
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    I COMPLETELY agree. Snapfish has terrible customer service!!!
    .Unfortunately I lost all my images when my computer crashed but fortunately they were on Snapfish. So I proceeded to place an order for 2 overpriced full res cd's into the cart. (yeah, about 60.00 for 2 high res cd's from their server, what a rip. What, they cost maybe $4.00 ) I go to process the order and receive an error that 13 were corrupt and that I had to remove them from the cart to proceed. Ok - Maybe customer service can do this faster so I don't have to redo the entire order.

    Well - follow along on my journey through hell:

    Grip#2: I can't add or remove individual image from the cd's, just the entire album. Well... I want the other photo's in the album so I call
    customer service during operating hours. I did get an American, NICE as could be and very helpful. He told me it may be a server
    error to wait a couple of days and call him back if need be. So the error continued. I emailed instead (dummy me) just to receive an
    automated response. Then another response came through telling me to try different computers, browsers, empty cache, restart blah
    blah so I did, no luck.

    Grip#3: I emailed back, and got similar response. I went to the live chat (after hours) and got good ole Rick who really was good for nothing.
    I explained that it took forever to figure out which albums I wanted on the CD's and that I would like to for them to remove the 13
    images so I didn't have to redo the ENTIRE order from scratch. All he said was, " sorry for the inconvenience, give me the error"
    so I did. His response, "remove them from the cart to proceed" WTF. You are kidding me. DUH. Can you remove them??
    Silence, " Is there anything else I can help you with? Thanks - Don't forget the Survey" END :s (Damn pop up blockers, missed it)

    Gripe #4 Went to another live chat, this time overseas, a Mr. Ulrich. I asked for the link to the live chat survey and he sent me to 3
    different links all of which were not correct. I proceeded with my question, and he replied, "remove the images from the
    cart" OMG can no one answer the my question, " CAN YOU REMOVE THE IMAGES ON YOUR END?????" Every
    time, they just pause and then say "sorry for the inconvenience, is there anything else I can help you with?"
    Yeah, maybe you can answer my question.

    Gripe #5 Title: The Call -So the 1-800 number went to some far away land where the English is apparently outdated.
    Huh?!?! That was my response the majority of the time. So I repeated the problem for a 3rd time and he just said,
    "Sorry for the inconvenience, please hold"(as the Jeopardy melody runs through my head).
    7 minuets pass and I'm STILL waiting. "Yes Ma'am, you still there? Sorry for the inconvenience, please hold"
    AHHHHH I'm about to inconvenience someone in the eye! He got back on then said, "Did you follow the instructions
    in your email???" Yeah, about 10 times. You can only empty your cach and try a different browser so many times.
    I have tried on both Mac and PC. "OK, you will need to empty your cart and reload the images."
    ME - "Sir, like I said my hard drive crashed I don't have them. Can you not just take off the 13 images on your end?"
    MR. Helpful - " UMMM, you will need to empty your cart then redo the order"
    ME - "Your kidding me. It took an hour to do the order... order... order..." and that was it. He HUNG UP!!!

    I've never been so insulted in my life. I was trying to be nice as long as I could. I once again did the live chat and an Stanly the American informed me in his first response, No, I can't do that on my end. WOW - how hard was that.

    Needless to say, I'm going to have to make a fake album, move the truncated images in that album, then redo my order.

    A simple, "no I can't do that" would have suited me.

    Where is customer service these days?????? If I didn't need those images so bad, I would just go somewhere else. This will be my last order!!!

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