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SnapFish / no customer service!

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Let me start by saying that I wish I would have seen the complaints on this website prior to ordering from Snapfish. The story is the same: We ordered a hefty purchase from HP's Snapfish, an online-based photo printing store - our wedding photos for family. We ordered on December 10th, admittedly late, but we were reassured by the timelines and other verbage on their website. Order now and receive by Christmas! 1-2 day processing!

Our expected ship date for our main order was Dec. 13th. We did receive a smaller version of our photo book in a separate order, and were very pleased with the result. So of course, we checked online to see when the larger versions would be arriving - by Dec. 15th, the status still said processing, with an expected ship date of Dec. 13th.

Of course, we emailed the support (after not being able to find answers online, or a telephone number to call) and they did not get back to us. In 48 hours (which is their stated maximum), they did get back, apologizing for the "holiday delay" but stated that our books HAD been shipped. No, they hadn't.

After not hearing back to our response, we searched online for a phone number - boy oh boy did they hide it. For anyone who needs it, go to --- a page that is NEVER linked to from the main Snapfish or any page. The person on the phone said they had no way to contact the processing center to find the status of our purchase. No phone number. Just email. We would have to wait 48 hours to hear back.

Well, it is now the 20th, 10 business days later, and after hearing that my friend is getting her Shutterfly order tomorrow (after ordering it only a few days ago), I decided to call. I was on the phone for 20 minutes, but miraculously, they found a database that they could search to see the status of our order!!! (note sarcasm, please) Still in binding. Won't be mailed until tomorrow. You do the math - mailed tomorrow, that means it won't arrive before Christmas!! Now, we won't be in town, so I wanted them to change the shipping address -- they can't do it! But, they were happy to offer a meager discount, or if they come in and we don't like them, we can send them back for a full refund. Uh, no. The full refund if we don't like the product is an option no matter when they arrive. That is not sufficient support.

The customer service person then was terribly rude when I started questioning their policies, so I promptly hung up.

In sum - do NOT use Snapfish. They are unprofessional, clearly cannot handle demand, do not update their information, falsely advertise deadlines they know they can't make, and do not offer any help when questions are asked. Terrible company - we will NEVER use it again.

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  • Ma
      21st of Dec, 2007

    UPDATE: they gave us a random 33% discount on the full order, refunded to the credit card without my prompting, hours after getting off the phone with them but guess what!? They are STILL in processing.

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  • Cy
      26th of Dec, 2007

    Thank you for posting this, without it I wold not have found the phone number. We had 2 different photo books made and sent out. One arrived in time the other is still not there despite having shipped on the 13th! thanks to your providing this link they are supposedly making and overnighting another one free of charge. I will believe it when I see it but would still be in email limbo without your post. I did get a wonderful person on the phone though, but that is just luck.

    I will say I have had very good product and service from them in the past but they clearly really overextended themselves this season with timings and the expanded offerings. The one book that did arrive in time was such a HUGE hit though it was worth it. I just wouldn't do it with any kind of deadline again.

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  • Kr
      7th of Jan, 2008

    I had a similar situation with Snapfish - I ordered 6 photo ornaments in NOVEMBER, and received an email a few days before Christmas apologizing for the delay, but that they would arrive before Christmas. I did receive them 2 days before Christmas, but I ordered 6 and only received 5! I sent an email that was completely ignored, then yesterday (January 6th) sent another one requesting again to refund me for the missing ornament. Their response? "Please note that your ornament order may be shipped in different packages and there is every possibility that, packages posted at the same time may arrive at different time intervals. So, we request you to wait for two more business days for your other package to reach you. If at all you didn't receive, please do reply this email for an immediate replacement or refund." You've got to be kidding me. I've waited since November for them to arrive, and one was missing (they were all the same - why would they ship one separately??). If I do receive it now, what the hell am I going to do with a Christmas ornament in January?? I sent yet another message back asking for my money back for the missing ornament immediately. I think they are hoping I'll drop it since we're not talking about a lot of money, and if they make me jump through enough hoops maybe I'll forget about it. I will NEVER order anything from Snapfish again - thank goodness it wasn't an expensive order in the first place!!

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  • Ma
      8th of Jul, 2008

    Well I did get to see my new grand baby once now I cant get back into snapfish.When I click on their goodie it says something about url.Where can you phone them???

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  • Jo
      14th of Oct, 2008

    Snapfish Sucks! Since my initial order a few years ago, they moved their call center to India (Great, More Jobs in India)! Had I of known before I spent all of my time loading photos, I would have never done business with them.

    I got no service at all from the customer no-service in India -- get your photos somewhere else, as you will get better service and quality

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  • Il
      19th of Dec, 2008

    I'll NEVER buy from Snapfish again, EVER, and I'm letting all of my friends, family, & any anyone else who'll listen know too!!! I ordered 2 books BEFORE Thanksgiving. Here it is December 19th & still no books! Am I mad, oh you bet & I let them know. When I called (Bombay) she said that she guarantees the books will be delivered on Monday. How the heck can she guarantee that unless she hand delivers them to my doorstep? They don't even have a way of tracking the books. The website states that it takes 3-5 business days, not WEEKS, to print a book. Also, my last book that I ordered came via UPS, not USPS as she stated these would come. I told her that I found it VERY ODD that an order placed prior to Thanksgiving could not make it here in time for Christmas & from that reasoning, all orders placed to Snapfish after mine didn't even make it out their door. I asked how they produced any Christmas cards for anyone this season if they were so backlogged already before Thanksgiving. Sorry, not buying that excuse. I doubt very much that my books will make it here on Monday, so thanks Snapfish, my 78 year old mother & 83 year old mother in law won't get their grandchildren's Christmas gifts. Way to go!!! A word of business advice to them, in these rotten economic times, you should do all you can Snapfish to make sure you get your orders out in a more timely manner. I'm taking my business elsewhere!

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  • We
      19th of Dec, 2009

    After I did my order Dec 12 2009 I saw some complaints online while searching for a customer service number on Dec 17 2009. I figured they were sour grapes. They've gotta have a lot of customers, sometimes companies screw up so you're bound to hear complaints. Well, I'm in the middle of a big crisis with Snapfish.

    I ordered four calendars, four mugs and a mouse pad, Dec 12 2009. It said on the site that if I ordered it that day I could get it before Christmas and they had supposedly shipped my calendars out Dec 14 and estimated delivery date was Dec 16. Well, didn't get them on that day. I went on the site to check my order on the 17th and there was no estimated ship date. Dec 17th I called FEDEX and was told that "Information sent to shipper"...or something like that, only meant the label had been printed. That same dayI called the Snapfish call center, the guy I talked to was an idiot, never mind the accent and language barrier. I've dealt with India call centers before and this guy was so hard to understand. I will take in delight calling the Tracphone customer service center from now on. I work in a call center where people call and yell at us all almost all day and I understand how it can be.

    I'm very understanding with customer service lines, but this guy was just a ###. He took all my info and then said "How is your Holiday Celebration going?" I said to him "It would be better if my gifts had arrived". Way to open yourself up dude, you just don't do that. I would have said "How can I help you?" You are there to give me information, not to be my friend! Anyway...he said "Allow one more day". Which is fine.

    I'm expecting my mugs and mouse pad to arrive Monday. *fingers crossed* Whatever, I expected them to come later because of the time frames on the site. However, the calendar order which supposedly was shipped on Dec 14 still hasn't arrived. Upon further investigation my original calendar order is supposedly in a FEDEX facility the area so it should be arriving soon. Hopefully before Christmas! They have started a second calendar order for me, for free. So I guess I'll be getting free duplicate calendars!

    If I don't get this order before Christmas I'm going to have to ship Christmas Presents because I intend to deliver them in person to my family three hours away. We're heading there on Wednesday Dec 23. I would hate to have to spend extra money to get these calendars to my family. Normally a present can wait but a calendar!!!

    I will never use Snapfish ever again.

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