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I am very disappointed with my gym in surfers paradise. I was told that if I recommend a friend to go to the gym and he gives my name, I would get two weeks for free. I did so, and my friend, vincent etcheto, gave my name (About a month ago).
I didn't realize that they did not kept they word and kept on charging me. Because I am leaving the zone I had to quit the gym and then I realized that they charged me every time without exceptions. I send an email to my gym about a week ago and they said that they could reduce that amount if I subscribe again, I replied that I didn't want to join because I am leaving, and they didn't answer that email. So I went to the gym today and they said the same again; that the only option available for me was to subscribe to the gym again, I explained that I don't want to re-join because i'm leaving and he couldn't do anything about it and he left without any intentions of solving the problem, saying that he has things to do... He left it clear for me that "he has more important things to do than arguing something that has no solution". He never accepted that the issue was that they did not kept their word, he was just focused on me not being a member now and for that he just took advantage of the situation and left. He even said that they are not forced to give me those weeks for free because the rule is not in writing! He said that to leave me with nothing to do. And it was clear for me that the gym just wants my money and does not care about me as a person.

I have no words for how he reacted and his way of being so closed minded, I just wanted for the gym to follow what they said they would do, but it's not the case. I was going to join the gym again when living in sydney in the future, but now I changed my mind.

I just want for the gym to be honest and follow what they said they would do, to refund the 31.15 dollars back (Two weeks) , and for the managers or who is in charge, to talk to the people supervising the gym in surfers paradise, for them to learn how to respond to queues and customers issues in a better and more professional way.

Mar 07, 2017

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