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Ok so here are my problems with this company. I wrote many emails and customer service doesn't seem to be moving...

1) I received my ferragamo glasses. Wow seriously? You are going to tell me that these are authentic (And I was told by customer service in an email) even though that their is no authenticity certificate? I asked for an address to return them and after 4 emails I still don't have it even though jerome from customer service took the time to copy and paste the return policy (Which to me really is extremely misleading... Big letters 'smartbuyglasses 100% satisfaction returns guarantee' and then in small letter what world an exchange is a return?). So still no email with an address and its been 5 days since the 1st email asking for a return address.

2) I was supposed to get a 10 % discount. I got confirmation (Twice) saying that it will be applied and that I will see it on my visa statement. After 2 email confirmations fro, jerome again... Guess what still no credit!

What a sham. I might as well throw my glasses in the garbage as I cannot even sell them on ebay since I do not believe they are real! If you have a choice do not order from them.

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