Slomins / mal-functioning alarm

NY, United States

My contract with slomins security expires in approximately 54 months. Presently, my alarm system is mal-functioning, sending false alarms to the company. This started on july, 26th 2011. To me, it's an emergency, but I was given an appointment date of august, 3rd, 2011. Initially, I was not given a time. However, on the appointment date, I called for an approximate time and was told to expect a technician between the hours of 2p. M and 6 p.M. The technician arrived at 12.33 p. M when I was not at home, and slomins refused to send another tech until 8th aug, 2011. I dont have an alarm and do think that slomins is not treating this as an emergency. The agents gave me all types of conflicting stories: "it was an all day appt," two clients cancelled, so they showed up earlier at my house." all fairness to me, I am not responsible for clients cancelling and would like this issue treated as an emergency. Thank you.


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