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Slomin's / faulty equiptment/ bad customer service

1 NJ, United States Review updated:

I am going to preface this review with a caveat... I do not maintain an account with this company. The alarm was here when I purchased the house. I chose to not maintain the service that the old homeowner had, but left the unit in place "just in case" I wanted to have the service restored.

Recently (within the past several months) the system began acting up (it will start beeping for no apparent reason — you can push reset to get it to stop, but it will start again arbitrarily — usually at odd times after midnight or when a door opens, but not every time) if I disconnect/unplug the system, it shuts off my phone lines within 3 hours of disconnect.

I contacted slomin’s. After sitting on a very long hold, I got to a woman and explained my problem. Initially relatively pleasant, she immediately became condescending and annoyed. I was told to disconnect the unit from the ”transformer” and then to disconnect the internal battery. I am not an electrician, but I have the whole panel apart and see nothing that resembles a battery and am unsure which wires go to "the transformer." I ask her to please clarify. She said, “un-plug the unit and disconnect the internal battery — it looks like a battery.” I again informed her that when I unplug the unit, it cuts off my phone service, and there is nothing in this unit that looks like a battery.

She advised me to call the phone company with the problem. I told them that it was slomin's alarm that was messing with the phone lines according to the phone company (whom I had already spoken to on more than one occasion). I asked to speak to a technician for some assistance in locating an internal battery or to walk me through disconnecting the panel from the phone lines. The woman said that without an account, they would be unable to help me.

I said to the woman that the alarm was theirs, account or not, and someone should be able to tell me a bit about it. She responded again, “without an account they would not be able to help me.” I began to get irritated and demanded that she get a supervisor. She refused, saying she was a supervisor and informed me again that since I did not maintain an account that they would be unable to help me.

She again told me to unplug the transformer and find the internal battery, as if I didn’t hear her the first time. By now, I am getting infuriated. I tell her that I cannot believe that this is the type of customer service that they provide. Her response? “you do not have an account with us and we are unable to help you.”

Her parting advice? Call an electrician. I would love to curse like a sailor here, but know this review will get pulled as a result and I feel that everyone should know about this experience!

What horrible service. I would never get an alarm or servicing from them based on this experience. All I wanted was some help — jeez, they might have been able to have even talked me into renewing the alarm and monitoring service with some thought and a technician on the line.

I am making it my mission to find every website that I can to post this review. Yes, I am that annoyed.

Um, supervisor wanna-be woman at slomin’s? Kiss my grits.

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  • Bi
      2nd of Nov, 2009
    0 Votes

    I have the same problem. Thing is, it does it at like 3-4 am at night every week or so. It is really annoying!

  • Re
      13th of Nov, 2009
    0 Votes

    You bought a home with an alarm that you own. It is not Slomins, its yours, if its broke you need to fix it. Good luck!

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