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Slomin's Home Security System / don't buy slomins security

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Today was my last attempt to discuss my account with anyone in customer service. All four reps said the same thing: "it's in the contract". Oh, they all claim to read the four pages of 2pt. font print of every contract they sign. My version was to ASK the sales rep the questions I wanted to know. I asked the sales rep if I could transfer service if I move to a new address because I plan to move within a year. My answer was, "yes, your service will be transferred to your new address." He did not advise me to read the contract, nor did he say that I would have to pay $400.00 to move the system. Slomins continues to bill me each month even though I don't even live at the address where the alarm is installed, nor is Slomins monitoring the house. PLEASE, PLEASE buy ADT the sales rep. actually explains that you must live in the home for 2 years to transfer for free and the contract is only 3 years vs Slomin's contract which is 5 years. Plus, ADT has a wireless system, so it can be moved easily; whereas, Slomins states that since the system is "hardwired" in one house, it cannot be moved to another address. Don't fall for the free installation; it is not free. You will pay in the long run. Look at all of the dissatisfied people on the web.

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  • Jo
      14th of Apr, 2008
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    We were not home. Nothing was wrong. Slomin's was called each time. They said they repaired it but it continued to work incorrectly. I wrote them letters. Each time they came, they charged for maintenance and never repaired it. Now they are suing me for breach of contract because I said I refused to pay the monthly service any longer because it doesn't work. Their contract is fraudelent. If you don't read it line by line, this could happen to you also. . For the past 2 years, it beeps incessantly--not predictable--goes off in the middle of the night--during the day-not predictable. They now are saying it is the cablevision problem. Cablevision said they are not responsible and Slomin's is incorrect.I would NEVER deal with them again!!! They are incredibly rude and incompetent!

  • Ji
      15th of Jul, 2008
    -1 Votes

    The reason Slomin's hardwires everything in the house is so that (Jammers) can not disrupt the wireless signal. In other words, you can get through a wireless system relatively easy. Not to the normal jo shmo but to the average burglar that does this type of thing a lot. What do you think banks use? Not ADT wireless thats for sure!! Hardwire is where its at!) ADT is not a reputable company. First of all there are over 142 different ADT providers. If one goes out of business, and it happens to be yours, you are [censored] out of luck (corporate will not takeover your existing ADT system) If they do expect a hefty fine to take out the system and put different hardware in (exactly the same and may be used before-states this in there info) Slomins is by far the best company for the United States unless you plan to move sometime in the next 5 years. Even then there are ways around it if you are smart and do your research. (Sell it as apart of the house there is specific contract paperwork for this-ask slomins how to do this they will tell you but u may need a sales manager)

  • Ac
      26th of Jul, 2008
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    I just read your complaint page on Slomins and have similar issues. I took over a Slomins contract when I moved to this
    house and deeply regret this. Anyone thinking of taking out a 5 year contract with them better read the fine print carefully
    (which, of course, I didn't). Firstly I think a 5 year contract is excessive and I wish this industry was better regulated.
    Secondly, if you read the contract you learn that God is on their side! Their control panel has blown out twice in one year
    from thunder. I understand being charged for something I did to harm the equipment, but this 'act of god' is MY fault.
    They charge to replace the panel and-- because they can do it, they charge anything they want-- they charge excessive and
    arbitrarily. So I have to pay whatever they say to replace the panel (I know their charge is excessive) and will have to each
    time we have a strong thunder storm and the panel blows. Meanwhile, as others have mentioned, if you have a cable phone
    their phone monitoring system won't work, you have to turn it off or pay to get another land line, but they don't tell you
    that nor do they explain equipment cost (above) when they tell you that they will take care of security problems during
    contract signing. I've not dealt with other security companies but I'm amazed at what they can get away with and their
    total disregard for customer relations. There should be a way of canceling a contract without having to pay thousands of
    dollars for no service rendered.

  • Lo
      3rd of Sep, 2008
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    I am having big issues with slomins...they are scammers... i have a contract with them that is for one year, to expire september 22.. i was locked in at 2.49 i called to make sure they would b coming before contract ran out they said yes august 29... 2 days later a rep called me to say my contract would soon be running out would i like to lock in at 3.99 i told her i just called to make sure i was getting my last 2.49 delivery so i thought i would lock in, beliving it would start when the original contract ran out.. unfortunatly they never explained it would start from the day they called wich was august 12... i recieved a letter saying my new rate i was furious... the letter said u have 3 days to cancel without a 300.00 cancel fee..but unfortunatly u cant ever speak to anyone in that apartment. it took till day 5 and is still going today... they are scammers.. they never call back n i am still fighting for my rate... dont use slomins they a sneaky... they suck!!!

  • Mu
      23rd of Nov, 2008
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    Just last week, I was taken to court by Slomin's because I stopped making payment to them after a year and a half because their system did not work right, they blamed it on the phone lines. It beeped all the time, it drove me crazy. I got a lawyer and thank God we won, their lawyer did not bring witnesses and was disorganized and my lawyer got the suit thrown out plus they had to pay for my lawyers fees. Do not give up hope, if they sue you, get a good lawyer and fight them, the judges know that they are scammers, the ball in your side...Justice does sometimes preveil. Keep the faith.

  • Sm
      15th of Nov, 2017
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    @Muneca I live in Maryland. Could you send me your lawyers name? I need help with dealing with Slomins. I'm not going to pay them anything more.

  • Ja
      4th of Dec, 2008
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    To all Slomins past and current customers. I've been in the security business for about 9 yrs and with ADT corporate for about 6. I've heard mostly negative complaints about Slomin's over that period of time. They are misleading, unprofessional, and frankly the equipment pretty much is worth what they give it to you for...nothing! Nothing is free in this world and as we can all see above, FREE doesn't get you much. I was wondering if any past or current Slomins customers have an updated reverse side of a contract or potentially a pricing page. Mine is about 4 yrs old and outdated and I'm curious as to what changes they've made since then. Please contact me via email if you do or if you have any questions about ADT, or slomins or any other company for that matter. I have alot of knowledge and education and much experience.

  • Ha
      2nd of Aug, 2010
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    Slomin's is a joke. The system never truly worked properly and each time they were called they wanted to charge a ridiculous amount of money to come to your home. The salesman told many untruths and promised that things would be transferrable or waived due to my Military Obligation however I am now being told because I retired it is not a consideration to waive my contract. She apologized that she was not a part of the conversation btwn me and the representative but I am responsible for the contract and I must pay them $675.00. Not to mention they do not want the equipment and I wonder why, because they know the crap is no good. The people are rude and unprofessional. I would not recommend any0one using Slomin's and if it's money that you are attempting to save, you will get what you pay for. Pay the extra $5, for ADT/Brinks, the quality of service will far outweigh the few dollars you are trying to save.

  • Da
      24th of Jul, 2011
    +1 Votes

    These complaints appear to be contrived. Anybody with an education and brains can see that these complaints are planted.

  • Ph
      30th of Aug, 2011
    0 Votes

    I totally agree about the complaints. Slomin has the worst customer service in the world. Their customer reps all show attitude when answering calls.
    I call in to ask a question nicely. 1) Before completing the question. The male employee just answer "no" with a attitude. and He continues to argue and not listening to my question. Then he refuges to give his last name. 2) Call back again to see if I can talk to another employee. This times is a female employee. After answering my question with an attitude, she hangs up. Never seen an company with such bad and rude customer service.

  • Al
      9th of Jan, 2012
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    I am an alarm professional and competitor of ADT and Slomins. All alarm companies are after one thing and one thing only - recurring revenue. That's the bottom line. Truthfully find a company that you are comfortable with and use them. Slomins and ADT have a lot of satisfied customers but make no mistake about it - they make money on free alarms. The way the industry works is simple, we charge you $20.00 per month monitoring and $500.00 installation. Free alarm companies charge you nothing up front and $35.00 per month. Do the math its not free!!! Contracts are the only way for an alarm company to do business, without such wording alarm companies are liable for everything. Try a small alarm business owner and find out that the service they offer might be to your liking. Check references and don't be swayed by expensive alarm advertising. Ask a friend who they use and do your research. Good luck!!

  • Su
      1st of Feb, 2012
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    I've been a Slomin's alarm customer for almost 7 years now and I haven't had a complaint. The equipment and monitoring work, and I know this because once the cat set off the alarm (my husband locked her in our bedroom by accident and she set off the motion detector) and the police came to the apt., and another time my cleaning lady came a few hours before we were expecting her (we were supposed to be home when she showed up so we armed the alarm) and set off the alarm and the police came again. Every time I called Slomin's because we couldn't figured out what a beeping sound was for or for window decals, they helped via phone without incident. The sales rep told us that the system might not work without a standard landline, so we kept ours. Seems pretty cut and dry to me. Why would you sign a 5 year contract if you weren't pretty sure you weren't going to move? We knew we'd be in one place for at least 5 years which is why we did it. Some people expect everything for nothing, a bit unrealistic if you ask me. Slomin's is a cheap service. All I wanted was an alarm system with working monitoring, which I got. What else do you need if you're paying a small amount a month?

  • Ma
      19th of Mar, 2013
    0 Votes

    Don't buy Slomin's. Worst support rep ever. Ca't access their website and the rep says it's an internet problem. Tell me to use Firefox. I use IE7 and it works for everything else including this board thankfully. I can't wait till my contract is over so I can dump them.

  • Ma
      1st of Oct, 2014
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    Wow, there are an awful lot of ppl that seem to have zero common sense. All alarm companies that give free basic alarms will require you to have a contract for a number of years. How else would they cover the cost? And in any sales deal where you ask questions that are important you must get it in writing! What if they're not ripping u off but the rep. Makes a mistake? And use your head... wireless systems require battery changes and signal strength plays a roll etc. So wired is always!! Better. As for calls you must know if you have a hard copper phone line in your home before installation. Or your alarm will never know if the line has been cut or damaged and it cannot be changed later.(watch service ppl) and I suggest u pay a lil extra and get satellite connected unit so ur alarm calls as if on a cell phone. Also slomins has the cheapest monitoring rate. Especially if u get the warranty

  • Ph
      15th of Jun, 2016
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    Slomin's Inc - Oil Service
    Slomin's Inc
    United States

    New customer. The following is my opinion based on my awful and incredibly frustrating experiences. They are the worst! In my opinion their service contract is a sham and scam. They are clueless. Completely screwed up our burner, ignored or failed to realize despite my wife telling them we were out of oil. Cleaned the same parts on 3 different times before realized DUH...we were out of oil!!! And then...
    I called them around 9:30 pm last night when I got home because there was soot all over the place from the boiler. "Stephen" the phone operator told me I could keep the boiler on despite the above. Really! Let's see, if the soot builds up it will catch fire. Thank goodness I called a friend who does service and shut it down.
    The contract specifically states this is an emergency situation and they will respond 24 hours a day, 365 days a week under these specific circumstances. NOT TRUE. After promising to send someone in 2-3 hours I get a call back telling me they won't be there til between 8am-11am the next day. DESPITE THE CONTRACT!!!
    The next day some idiotic supervisor tell us 24 hour service really means they can get there 24 hours from when they know. WHAT!! That's complete bull. They specifically have a non-emergency clause in the contract. Everyone knows 24 hour service means they come out at all times of night. I suggest they don't want to pay the time and a half to their workers.
    Of course the next day I call them at 8;15 am and they tell us we are first on the morning service list. REALLY! Four phone calls later during which we are promised someone within the half hour. They show up at ... 10:55. And of course they don't send the poor service guy with a vacuum to clean out the boiler (which by the way has soot up to the top of it!!!). ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!
    So, he has to call the company and ask them to send another guy out here with the vacuum!!! He arrives at 11:45 am.
    My opinion: STAY AWAY FROM THIS HORRIBLY RUN COMPANY. THEY ARE CLUELESS AND GIVE YOU DANGEROUS AND STUPID ADVICE. This is the worst oil company we have ever experienced. EVER!

  • Co
      15th of Jun, 2016
    +1 Votes

    I agree! I feel swindled--I've used the alarm system without issues for four years, then they contacted me to offer a ONE time deal and that as a valued customer I was being offered a low price per gallon and was told I won't get anything cheaper than that! It was 3.19 a gallon guess what I could now get it at 2.29 with most oil companies. I called to cancel and they said I would be charged 400.00. Needless to say, this "loyal valued customer" is cancelling all services when the contract is up and will tell all my neighbors and friends to do the same. Shame on Slomin!

  • Te
      15th of Jun, 2016
    0 Votes

    Faulty and outdated equipment, service call at 2:00 today. It is now 7:09 and hes still not here. Customer service says they only give "wiindow appointments" 5 hr windows? Even comcast isn't that bad! this is the third time they have done this to us. Can't wait for our contract to be OVER. we are NOT renewing with them. The worst customer service ever

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