Skype / purchased usa number

United States

I purchased a USA number from Skype online [protected]. They charged me 1200INR for the number, The site said I must purchase credits first to be able to use SKYPE USA number & I Purchased for 1200 INR. I paid the amount requested to buy USA number &
1) I did not get any confirmation email
2) The number does not display while I make calls
3) I still get anonymous caller whenever I use skype

I called the customer service, one of the worst services I received. I wonder if they have anything called quality assurance for customer service provided over the the phone.

I spoke to three different agents Twice Allan & 1 Fenny & one more guy Jerry Brown, none of them knew what I was talking about & did not know anything that is sold on skype site, they, in turn, asked me where did you get this information. When I asked for customer service email ID, they said they are not authorised to give it. Pathetic service
I need refund of the service which they never provided

May 17, 2017

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