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To Whom It May Concern.

Last month we complained and here we are again. After eventually receiving feedback about our lost packages, we are now told that Skynet will not refund us.

We are a fragrance store and majority of the time packages sent contain perfume. The first incident was in August 2016 when our package was returned dripping with the perfume completely shattered. On receival of return of the package, photos were taken showing the state of the package with clearly visable fragile stickers on it and emailed alongside the complaint. Karel Smith dealt with the matter at the time. Skynet, conveniently claimed that during transportation someone must have put something heavy on the package and that there were no stickers on the package (even though it can be seen in the pictures that there are fragile stickers). We were advised that we should submit a claim for the damages. In the email received it is clearly noted that Skynet took responsibility for their negligence. However, two months later we were still waiting for feed back regarding the claim. Our store had to resend the product to the customer at our expense of R1200.

December 2016, Skynet looses our package and takes approximately three weeks to inform us that the package is lost (our previous complaint was regarding this). Once again, we had to resend the customer a new perfume to the value of R1500. We were explained that we need to put in a claim. Suaad at the Cape Town branch said that she will ensure the claim gets out to the finance department.

January 2017, again Skynet looses another package to the value of R750 which we again, had to replace for the customer and again advised by Skynet to put in a claim (at this point we were still waiting for the payout of December's payout).

Waiting and begging for information regarding the claim we were passed from Suaad to Gerda and then to Neville and were then told we need to liase with our Skynet Rep (which we had no idea who that was because our previous Rep had left Skynet and we were never advised as to who our new Rep was and no one could advise us to who that is). The Rep who we have been liasing with up until now is Raghmah. She has now informed us that her manager Chantel Le Roy advised that we will not be paid out because we do not have insurance.

It is now seven months later and we as a business has given away R3450 due to Skynet who cannot provide a service. Skynet refuses to refund us for their negligence and inability to perform their job. Nobody within this seven months (we had to run after Skynet to get information regarding everything, this was stated in our previous complaint and yet this behaviour continues) advised us that insurance is required in order to claim and instead people were advising us to claim. This is Skynet's negligence as it is clearly noted that staff are incompetent of doing their jobs as they could not inform us of that and instead sent us around in a circle. Skynet is now claimimg responsibility of client to ensure insurance with Skynet in order to claim but refuse to accept responsibility for their incompetence and misleading information with four different people telling us to claim yet they view our account information everytime they deal with us and can clearly see that we do not have insurance.

This feels like a rip off and we are highly unsatisfied due to Skynet's incompetent staff who have mislead us regarding a claim and have promised us the payment of R3450 but now are singing a different tune. Due to this inconvenience we will be laying a complaint with the National Complaints Commission as the following are violated in terms of the Consumer Protection Act, Act 68 of 2008 are:
1. The right to fair and responsible marketing
2. The right to a fair and honest dealing
3. The right to fair, just and reasonable terms and conditions; and
4. The right to safe and good quality goods

May 10, 2017

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