Sizzling PubsI am writing to complain about the newlands in tile hill

We visited the Newlands tonight at 16:30 on 18/5/17. We come here a lot and usually have good service. The new menu is out and we had a 50% off the new dishes so we had a the new New Yorker steak.
When we ordered we were asked if we would like the 8oz serloin or the 9oz rib-eye (Thinking this was strange as rib-eye is normally more expensive) my husband chose rib-eye and when I received the bill noticed we had been charged £4 for this but not been told. I also noticed on the bill I had been charged for our sauces 99p each but the meal stated "and a sauce of your choice"
When our meals came out I told the lady that served us we had been charged for these and about not being told about the rib-eye price, the lady told us she would sort this before I finished my meal. Reanne (the lady that serve us) then came back to tell us that we had been charged as you had to pay for the sauce even though it doesn't state that. I showed Reanne it was actually stated on the menu (not as an extra). Reanne then went back to speak to her boss and she returned saying that because we had a 50% off voucher it charges you for the sauce????
I could totally understand this if it stated the sauce was 99p but the actual menu states exactly what comes with the meal, I wasn't charged for my onion rings as an extra because I had a 50% off so why was I charged for my sauce.
I think that it was so unprofessional of the manager to keep sending her staff out saying " my manger Sarah said" instead of actually coming to explain herself.
It was £6 so rather than feeling the way I did all through my meal I don't know why she didn't just refund us. I've never had a problem here before and usually I tell people what a lovely place it is. I was so disappointed with my visit tonight I will think twice next time about visiting a sizzler

Sizzling Pubs
Sizzling Pubs

May 18, 2017

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