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Sizzling Pubs / poor service

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Waited ages for food then was brought to the table by a young arrogant waitress who left us for at least 5 mins before bringing our cutlery and condiments over. i had to ask the bar staff for these twice before getting them.

The portions was really stingy too and was barely warm due to the time we had to wait for cutlery. My daughter had a gammon steak. i have seen thicker bacon rashers was really poor value.

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  • Jo
      9th of Jan, 2013
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    we visited the potters wheel in bradwell my partner had birthday vouchers for a free starter 5 of us went and ordered 4 free starters the manageress refused saying not available but we could have two chicken wing platters which we
    when came were greasy cold and almost chicken free. the mains came and literally plonked down .the whole attitude of the manageress was rude dismissive and lacking in any sort of customer awareness .we have used this pub before but this whole episode left us very disappointed.

  • Be
      5th of Feb, 2013
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    Don't frequent these pubs! Six of use went to the PRAIRIE SIZZLING PUB BURNLEY. No beer, no lager, no fizzy pop, no steaks, no tomatoes. Then no bottle's of coke this was on a Tuesday tea time, not a busy summers evening. "Absolutely crap" worst night for food and drink ever!! no one to complain to, staff well under Parr. Avoid at all cost,

  • Er
      10th of Feb, 2013
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    On the 9th febuary we went to sizzlers at Vesper gate, Kirkstall for wedding anniversery. We ordered food and was waiting 40mins and went to the bar to ask what was going on, only to be told theres a technical problem and it was on its way. Another 15 mins and another round of drinks aswell as 2 hungry, restless children we had to ask again only to be told they hav'nt got the order, took 3 diffrent staff to complain to to then be told it was a nrw chef so after waiting 60mins with poor service and no food we asked for full refund and when they came to give us the refund it was short, so had to complain again. Its disgusting that we had to approch the staff on all occasions, my chilfren were upset as we all were pnly apology we got was sorry. We ended up goung t our local chippy and the service was 100%. Will never go back there again.

  • Ma
      17th of Feb, 2013
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    I am writing regarding my visit to the Nine Giants pub, in Cardiff, on the 17/02/2013. I would like to firstly mention that the location and building were very accommodating and hospitable. I would also like to set the scene that my visit entailed very poorly cooked food and extremely poor customer relations. I am currently a final year Journalist student at Cardiff University, and have taken it upon myself to speak with our editorial manager this evening to see when would be the soonest I could publish an official review on the service offered at this pub. However I was advised to make official contact with you to see what you opinions and resolution could be. So to unravel our experience I shall bullet point my issues below:
    • Our most major issue was when we were seated by the kitchen entrance, our 5 year old in toe, listening to foul language being bellowed throughout the kitchen.
    • To say the food was overcooked would be an understatement. The burgers were black and tough, the pie casing was solid and the steak was a very well done, tough, lump of meat, however was requested as a medium steak.
    • The gentleman who was serving us at the bar, midway through serving our drinks, walked off and left me stood there for a few minutes. Upon going to find him, he was stood watching the football highlights and stated ‘I will sort it when this is finished’, leaving me no option but to go sit down and return 5minutes later to collect the rest of the drinks.
    • Upon raising these issues with the manager, she became very defensive and abrupt, highlighting that she has never heard swearing in the kitchen and that I was incorrect in what I heard. She looked at my burger and agreed it looked dry and overcooked and issued a part refund for just the burger. However het attitude and manner was far from understanding and apologetic, and was in fact very rude and hostile. After that we were left feeling in a very hostile surrounding whenever the staff members walked past us staring. In turn leading us to leave our son dessert (which had yet to be served) and the rest of our drinks and food and walking out.
    These points were the most important to us; however I do feel the pub lacks any guidance from above, as it certainly does not resemble anything you see advertised on television. I shall leave this with you and hope I hear back, before the end of next week (22/02/2013), with some form of acknowledgment.

  • Da
      19th of May, 2013
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    My partner and I visited the Stanley Arms (Roby Road, Liverpool) establishment on the 17th May last at 6:15pm to have a bit to eat and a drink.
    We have been to the Stanley Arms on a number of occasions, after being recommended by our goods friends who have been dining at this venue for a number of years.
    Upon arriving at the establishment at 6:15pm, I proceed to order two pint classes of Coors beer and paid cash.
    We located a table and began to choose our food, we chose the following;
    Breaded Mushrooms £1.99
    Tangy Tomato & Chorizo Chicken Melt £8.49
    Piri Piri Lemon Chicken Skewers £6.49
    Garlic Bread & Cheese £1.89
    Jack Daniels Sauce £1.25
    Total £20.11
    I was told the total cost was £29.39 (Debit Card Receipt Obtained). I proceed to authorised the payment, at 18:17pm. Upon completion of the transaction, I thought the cost was quite high and queried it with the manager.
    He went away and then came back and advised that I have been charged for an additional 4 drinks, which I thought was very strange, considering I did not order any drinks??
    He proceeded to refund me the sum of £9.28 from the till in cash.
    I returned to my table and awaited the food order.
    20 minutes later we received the breaded mushrooms.
    At 18:50pm I was approached by the manager to advise that our meals would be with us very shortly (couple of minutes), so we waited. At 19:00pm the manager approached again and said he would go and chase the meals?
    At 19:12pm a waitress arrived at the table with the Garlic Bread and the Jack Daniels Sauce, at this point I was annoyed with the service we had received, I asked why she had brought them particular food items when we had not received our main meals?
    She proceeded to ask “wasn’t you made aware of the delay upon ordering” I advised no I was not and there was no indication whatsoever of any food delays.
    At 19:18pm over an hour from point of order, our food arrived!
    Upon inspection of the food the following was noted;
    Garlic Bread and Cheese
    Burnt on edges, cold in middle and very greasy and way too much cheese added.
    Piri Piri Lemon Chicken Skewers
    The skillet was not hot or sizzling, the chicken was only warm at best and very very dry and the salad that was provided was a disgrace, it looked as if it had been there over a week (pictures obtained).
    Tangy Tomato & Chorizo Chicken Melt
    This dish arrived with no onions or peppers as advised in the menu description and no Corn on the Cob or Onion Rings were provided and upon my partner tasting the meal, it become apparent that the meal provided was in fact a BBQ smothered chicken (£3.49) and not the £8.49 meal ordered. Further the chips provided were not seasoned chips, just plain average oven chips. (Pictures obtained).
    I tried to eat my meal and was not impressed at all and left it. My partner proceed to eat her chicken and found the chicken to be nice but was very disappointed as it was only chicken nothing else, bearing in mind all our other visits have been great.
    I left the premises and was approached by the waitress who asked was I ok with the food, to which I replied “No” in fact I advised I was disgusted in the food and the service received, she made the suggestion that I should complain and speak to Richard the manager, to which I replied “I will not be returning again” (I would not complain, as the premises was rather busy with after work drinkers and didn’t feel comfortable).
    I went to my car and my partner exited the premises and the same waitress spoke to my partner who advised her that she was not happy with the service and food and that I was livid and was going to make a formal complaint to the head office over the standard of service.

    At this point my partner was persuaded to go and see the manager to discuss the matter and was promptly given a scrap piece of paper with the two meal details on and his telephone number (to return for a free meal), no real apology was given and was very unprofessional. I would not return to that particular Sizzler pub even if the meals were free!!

  • Ca
      11th of Aug, 2013
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    First of all they didn't have any lemonade to put in a drink. Then at 9.30 they said it would be 20 minutes to get a coffee to re-boot the coffee machine. This is at the Norton at Meadowhead in Sheffield. Service very poor.

  • Ka
      25th of Nov, 2014
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    we went to acorn in bebington for my birthday we ordered our meal it came 20 mins later the ribs were burnt so i sent it back 25 minutes my new meal came the ribs were nice but the rest of the meal was cold all they done was change the ribs and give me the old food the reason i know this was because i took a bite of chiken and i recieved it back

  • Sa
      12th of Oct, 2015
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    the new manager in the Pines in Crookston Glasgow is the worst there has ever been . My friends and I have been locals in the Pines for over 30 years and have seen managers come and go but this Jo takes the biscuit . Half her staff have left within a couple of weeks of her starting . Sometimes you have to wait about 10 minutes before getting served because there is no staff. We were in on Sunday and she barred 4 people and told the rest of us if we didn't like it we could leave. All the people in the bar have been drinking in there for years and there has never been any trouble. They are all looking for somewhere else to drink until she leaves . there will be a big loss on profits because there was at least 30 people in that bar .Her attitude stinks.

  • St
      16th of Dec, 2015
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    Once again The Riftswood, Comberford Road, Tamworth, Staffs as only the Christmas beer and John Smiths on. No Pedigree, No Doombar. This is not a first this is a regular occurrence. Excuses are we have to clean the lines between barrels. This could be the reason the beer never keeps an head. Or the glass washing I don't know. I've had food in the pub as well and that's not the best either. I don't think the young staff know how to keep the beer. I will now look for a new public house to drink in because I'm fed up with this situation. I'm not the only one who feels like this.

  • Ma
      8th of Feb, 2016
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    Had a meal at the White Horse, Darlington. My wife ordered the Burnt End Chilli- it was only £5.49 so didn't expect a big portion but to say it was small would be an insult. There was hardly two spoonfulls of Chilli - when we paid the bill we advised that we didn't want to pay for it but was told that as it was eaten we couldn't have a refund. My wife had hardly touched the rice and nachos as there was no chilli to be had with it and returned a 3/4 plate of food. Service was poor and the staff weren't that interested. Won't be going back there again.

  • Bi
      5th of Oct, 2017
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    blue bowl Hanham ordered steak for me and hunters chicken for my husband asked for the steak to be cooked medium to well done. steak arrived I tried to cut it but it was so tough I couldn't also was running in blood took it back and another customer was complaining about the same thing. They said they would change it and the second steak was better but still not cooked how I wanted it and by the time I got it my husband had finished his meal so I sat and ate it on my own. My husbands hunters chicken was very dry when we were leaving we spoke to the guy there and all he said was I will have a word with the chef AGAIN so obviously its been a problem for a while. There was no offer of a complimentary drink pudding not even an apology we used to go there a lot but will not be going back as we don't go out for a meal to eat separatly

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