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Sizzling Pubs / poor service

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Waited ages for food then was brought to the table by a young arrogant waitress who left us for at least 5 mins before bringing our cutlery and condiments over. i had to ask the bar staff for these twice before getting them.

The portions was really stingy too and was barely warm due to the time we had to wait for cutlery. My daughter had a gammon steak. i have seen thicker bacon rashers was really poor value.

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  • It
      22nd of Sep, 2010
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    the newlands pub on tile hill lane coventry is a shambles the landlord and landlady are so rude it has become unbearable to even go up to my local anymore i have had frozen food from there and no refund . he causes trouble himself on people he does not like winds them up then stands in front of the camera its a disgrace be glad when they have found a new land lord landlady

  • Le
      30th of Oct, 2010
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    The Three Horse Shoes Pub on the Coventry road isn't a family based pub like the Sizzler pub group are trying to make out, I took my elderly mother, children and my wife for a meal there on sunday only to be confronted at the bar by a bar lady screaming abuse at a man, when he asked for the manager he was basically told to f off, this was on the middle of an afternoon and if we hadn't already ordered the food I would'nt have bothered it was discusting, the same girl then when bringing the food over didn't bring any cutlery over she put the food down and then stood playing on the machine, again after the way she spoke to the other customer I didn't want to upset this rude women who at the end of the day is been payed to do a job.
    Before we went to the pub I always remembered it as a family pub with a good atmosphere but now I would not step threw the door again, the toilets were filthy the food wasn't to the quality that it should have been, the staff had no manners and to be honest it would be better off closing to make way for something which people could use instead of something that really isn't what I would call a good local. Maybe a fresh set of staff and a manager who is on the floor of the pub watching his/hers staff and improvement on the standard of food, if this means the prices goe's up they go up, but the quality of food needs to improve.

  • Ke
      15th of Jul, 2011
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    Thursday the 30th june i took me and my son for luch, as it was the day the teachers were on strike, to our local pub, The bell inn, Tile hill coventry. We ordered drinks and a main meal, Childrens lasagne and steak and mushroom bagagett for myself. Service was ok and food average. We then decided to have dessert we ordered two cheese cakes, while eating my dessert i thought this is a bit soggy for a buiscuit based cake, towards the end i turned my cake over to discover it was covered in mould, i ammediatly became upset, as i was 6 and half mounths pregnant, feeling sick i ran to the toilets at this point my son jack 10 yrs old had already eaten his cake. After i returned to my table and made my complaint to a member of staff, female, she removed my cheesecake to the kitchen and after 5 mins the landlady approached with a half felt apology, and offered me another dessert! i was discusted not to be refunded. I also felt she had poor management skills.

    The next day me and my son were taken ill, diarhea and sickness, for me it was two days without food and struggling to hold water down, i then started to gradually feel better but by the Tuesday it was happening again to me, my partner called the doctors who ammediatly suspcted a form of food poising linked to listeria.(dairy products) i was put on a strong couses of antibotics followed by sicknees pills and dyralyte. Even now two weeks later my appetite hasn't retuned followed by strong stabbing pains in my stomach, i am fuming with the Bell, the anxity with my pregnancy has heightened. The doctors have been that concerned iv had regular home phone calls, as they were concernced over my pregnancy.

  • Ts
      17th of Oct, 2011
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    I visited Ffrith Hotel last Saturday with my family and found the service to be appalling. Whilst the food was good and the portions satisfactory the whole experience was a nightmare. We have two young children and keeping them occupied for the two and a half hours we endured was horrendous to the point I actually took one of them for a fifty minute drive whilst the rest of the party waited for our food to arrive. The 'icing on the cake' was the dessert. Six out of eight desserts arrived, were eaten and the plates removed whilst two of us were still waiting for our desserts. I then asked a waiter to find out what was happening - he did not return - so I approached the waitress who brought the other desserts to our table. She stated she had brought all of the desserts to our table that the kitchen staff had given to her and that I would have to go and speak to the person who took our order and discuss it with them. That person had finished her shift and gone home at this point! I went back to the bar, mentioned it to a member of the bar staff where you place your order and about 10 minutes later our desserts arrived with a half-hearted apology for the mix up and delay. Sorry but never again. It might be cheap but as they say - you get what you pay for!! PS A customer service training course for the waitress would be money well spent.

  • Br
      25th of Oct, 2011
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    Decided to visit a 'Sizzling' Pub after seeing the relentless ads on TV. Went to The Miles Arms in Avonmouth Bristol, immediate impression of the Pub was OK, drink prices were reasonable and beer was topped up by the barman.
    The menu seemed extensive and well priced, I had the ale steak pie and my wife the 'sizzling' chicken piri piri.
    Not too long later the condiments and napkin wrapped cutlery arrived, prior to the meal some 10 minutes later.
    Unfortunately my knife was dirty with dried food remnants attached, when the diners arrived I pointed this out and was soon replaced with a clean one.
    My wife didn't state (until she was well into the meal) that not only was the meal not 'sizzliing' - it had been served on a normal plate and had salad with it - instead of the promised fried onions. I can't imagine a salad a sizzling dish! Also the chicken breast was reported as being very dry. All this was advised to the person who came to clear the table (the earlier barman), he apologised and said he would mention it to the kitchen staff. Overall impression? Not like the TV Ads, cheap meals but not as expected. Would we go back? No, because we travelled quite a way to get there - and we have better locally that serves up what you ordered..
    I attempted to leave feedback on the Sizzling Pubs website, however you need a unique feedback reference number?!... I assume this should have been handed out to us by our waitress - none was forthcoming. Hence my comments left on this site instead.

  • Gg
      10th of Nov, 2011
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    what a disgusting pub the ship in paignton idirty empty pkts of crisps ### ends every were and i mean everywere, very very dirty it used to be a lovely locals pub

  • Dm
      28th of Dec, 2011
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    Very bad attitude from the manager at ther miles arms pub in Avonmouth Bristol, we came down with our children and two nieces for a kids eat for £1 deal on a Wednesday but wouldn't honour it, don't come to this pub if you have children as they don't like them to be here, very poor

  • Dm
      28th of Dec, 2011
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    Managers name Nigel elks wich he refused to tell us, we had to ask a waitress as he also refused to give us head office number or any contact details at all

  • Pe
      13th of Feb, 2012
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    myself and my two children have just returned from maxwells in loughborough, we waited fifty minutes befor getting what can only be described as, poor portions, had a steak that was no bigger than 50 mm dia. chicken that made rubber more pleasing. chips that had no taste, we wasted good money and valuable time .according to the adverts you should get value for money, "what a joke"

  • Li
      14th of Feb, 2012
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    I heard the staff discussing how they are watering down the soft drinks at the bowl, hanham, Bristol. the food was horrible it was very over cooked and cold. The younger staff were rude to myself, my company and to one of the older staff members by completely ignoring her. the steaks were tiny thin dry and black the tomatoes were burnt . I have found trying to find head offices number quite difficult and wonder if this is because they are aware of there poor standards

  • Ju
      24th of Mar, 2012
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    hi had a great meal but enter your win a meal gave you my email address and my phone number now all i get is junk mail and silly phone not very happy about have email lot of time and stiil you dont answer me that is so rude will stop give out my email address please

  • Mi
      7th of Apr, 2012
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    rose and crown wolverhampton, food was poor fish was served with charcoal black bits, chips were overcooked and burnt, manager was stroppy and gave refund the tomatoe didnt even have the pit cut out, last time i went about a year ago the lemon wedge had fungus growing out of it will never eat at this rose and crown wolverhampton again

  • Sm
      17th of Apr, 2012
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    A regular to the sizzlers in the swansea area ( at least once a week, spending on average £60.00 per visit.)and i can say tonight was the worst meal we had. Three meals out of the four were very disappointing to say the least. Chips were cold and the chicken portion from the barbequed chicken burger was more like a sparrow burger. It was disgusting. The pasta dish was half the size from the week before. The Manager told us this was the correct size for a regular burger. He apologised thinking this would help. It didnt and we wont be visiting Bryn Coch sizzlers anymore. A family of four less and we will comment to others around. Not impressed at all.
    The Lewis Family (Neath)

  • Ap
      15th of Jul, 2012
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    me and my family visited the at sandiacre and was disgusted by the meal as it was a treat it was money down the drain £67. the meal was hardly warm the portion size very small and when we complained the waitress said its a new chef. my son swapped peas for mushy peas we had to pay extra for this and it wasnt either 2mouthfuls of mushy peas. then to top it off my meal had 2hairs on the grilled tomatoes which put me off the meal, breasd and butter was ordered it came out toasted had to be sent back discussed from start to finish. the pinchbeck family {ilkeston} even after complaaining nothing was gained from winning an argument. i have complained to sizzlers and no reply.

  • Pa
      23rd of Jul, 2012
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    Wearnley Pub In February I complained about the windows (broken or no glass in them) and was assured that a maintenance order had been issued to have them repaired. I am still waiting for a little man to turn up to do the job. The pub is also having problems with the toilets that keep flooding. The landlady has done all she can to keep her customers happy and has constantly asked for repairs to be carried out as she is constantly having complaint about the health and safety issues to the customer. This is a very busy pub and it is well liked. Surely the head office can do something to get these repairs done a.s.a.p I would appreciate a response either by e-mail or phone 01214220062 Pat Reeves

  • Mi
      2nd of Sep, 2012
    0 Votes

    i have tryed sizzler in a few different places in coventry and must say the steak doesnt taste like steak it horrid, is that why they do cheap prices ( you get what you pay for ) id rather pay the extra quid to have a nice tasty piece of steak, the worst sizzler with bad staff is the one near coundon court school the nugget, one waitress is rude and to over friendly with the males, which for my male friend was really off putting supose to be family friendly not a tacky night club, food in these places are never hot, lucky if there luke warm. dont like to complain in them as when they correct your food its in the back of your mind - have they done something to your food - because -you have been a pest and complained.

  • Ch
      25th of Sep, 2012
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    The Grange in Sunderland 25/09/12, basic food like chips overdone so just it was just bowl of fried grizzle. Left without waiting for the ordered desert as no doubt that would be dodgy. Crap pub, crap food so obvously a crap chain. Never again at one of these sizzling crap pubs till they have the guts to make it a pay after you've eaten not before then the food & service might improve.

  • Ch
      3rd of Dec, 2012
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    My complaint to Sizzling Pubs sent today 3rd December 2012
    Dear Mitchells & Butlers plc,
    I am writing to you in regards to an issue at one of your Sizzling Pubs! I have tried to send this via the Sizzling Pubs website but there doesn’t seem to be any contact us page.

    The issue is to do with a £20 voucher card I received for my birthday 1st December 2012, after a very enjoyable day, my partner and I decided to go out for a meal and take advantage of my birthday gift card. Unfortunately this didn’t go to plan and ended up ruining my day! We visited the Dick Turpin Sizzling Pub in Newcastle under Lyme Staffordshire, that night and first ordered drinks while we chose our meal. I then approached the bar to place our orders and then pay the bill in advance, but there was an issue. Firstly the member of staff behind the bar had never seen a sizzling pub gift card before and had to speak with the manager first before knowing how to process the card, while this was happening I was kept standing for some time. Once the lady came back to me, she said. Please go and sit down and we will place this on a tab until we can sort out what to do with this card.

    After sitting down for five minutes I was approached once more by the bar tender lady who then said, “there isn’t a problem but would you mind coming back up to the bar “ which I did. Although I was told there wasn’t a problem, when I got to the bar, there clearly was. For some reason he card was coming up as invalid, explanations for this were either the member of staff who issued this card didn’t apply the £20 credit or the fact that the Dick Turpin staff had never done one of these before could be a reason why they can’t get it to work!

    I then was asked to pay for the meal that I had ordered, which I did without thought.

    Once I sat down I explained this to my partner what was going out and she noticed the first member of staff staring over at her and chit chatting with her colleague, which we found very intimidating.

    We found the whole experience very embarrassing as to others it looks like our bank card was declined, then having to pay for the meal that should have been free wasn’t acceptable, after all it wasn’t our fault, then to be stared at and talked about wasn’t nice, not to mention having to go back to the person who gave me the gift in the first place who may have to travel to the original place of purchase, it’s all very inconvenient.

    We were so disappointed and angry that we asked for our money back and went home without a meal. The staff should be properly trained on issuing and processing these methods of payment otherwise things like this are bound to happen. They had also scratch off the silver strip on the back of the card which may cause another problem of us taking it back. The Dick Turpin with collaborate our story also.

    I wish something to be done about this as we are not happy customers.

    Chris Walton & Susan Cookson

  • Ry
      11th of Dec, 2012
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    Sizzler southport, has hygiene issues as on two separate occasions I've had dirty food soiled plates that staff fail to see, I've reported them to environmental health

  • Ju
      29th of Dec, 2012
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    Christmas Day, our family of 6 went to the Three Horseshoes, Sizzler Pub in Branton, Doncaster. £210 was paid a month in advance of the meal, and all the family was looking forward to the day. WHAT A DISAPPOINTMENT!!! The meal was absolutely disgusting, and almost as much was sent back as was served. One of the starters, the pate, was a huge lump of pate served with brown bread. Does the chef not know pate is supposed to be served in small slivers. All but my husband had the traditional Xmas lunch. The plates were piled so high it looked totally unappealing. I sent my meal back because it was cold. Gravy had already been put on the meals, everything was just thrown on the plates, and as for the turkey, it tasted more like fish. My husband had steak, and said it was the only time he had, had the same piece of steak cooked all three ways, rare, medium and well done. It is obvious the food is just microwaved and quantity is used too make up for quality. Totally spoiled our Christmas Day. Then to top it all, my father who is 82years old, has been ill with stomach problems since Xmas day, and has been diagnosed with food poisoning. He and my mum were supposed to be going for Boxing Day lunch, needless to say they did not go, and we will certainly not be going again.

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