Six Flags Over GA & LAnier Parking Lots / stole purse

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We went to six flags over ga today august 29, 2009 for my daughters birthday and was waved into a parking lot across the street from the main entrance and paid twenty dollars Lanier Parking lot a NAME you need to remember. We came back to our car to find the back window busted it out and my purse gone the only thing took. Personal things you cannot replace and nothing is going to be done about it. There were six more cars told to park in the back when the front of the parking area was still empty I believe the employees are in on the scam. Six flags says thats not their parking lot and wont do a thing. This parking lot not being monitored but by their employees to knock your windows out when not looking. They stood in the middle of the rd to wave you in. I will never be back and everyone my family and i know will tell them about LANIER PARKING LOTS AND SIX FLAGS.

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  •   Aug 30, 2009

    Actually this happened to a friend of mine as well. A six flags employee waved them to the lenier parking, saying since they had come late and their parking lot was full they had to park there. They came back after four hours to find a window busted in and cds, a gps, and change stolen. Six flags claims they would never tell someone to park there since they have plenty of parking themselves for there maximum occupency.

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  • Pi
      Jul 19, 2010

    Those are not Six Flags employees waving you into that lot. I worked security there all this season and was posted up the street and would wave at people to come down past the Lanier lot to our surveillance camera/patrol car monitored parking lots. Irregardless of whatever I tried people still park there and some would get angry when I would tell them that isn't Six Flags property.

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