Sirens Clothing / Terrible Customer Service

1 Waterloo, Canada

I have been shopping at this Sirens location at Conestoga Mall in Waterloo for over 1 year now and have repeatedly experienced terrible customer service. Sales associates are neglectant of customers, completely ignoring their guests and their needs, from standing by clothing looking for sizes in their deep ranks to needing an article of clothing that is placed very high that only an employee could get. Employees treat their working as time to socialize and talk with their other co-workers which is completely inappropriate. After today's visit, when waiting for over 5 minutes for a change room with having no employee come to help us, I looked into the back room to see a sales associate taking a photo of herself on her phone. The fact that her priorities are so out of line is shocking and unacceptable. The low prices of this store no longer make it worth it, as time after time again, customer experiences at this store are atrocious.

Feb 7, 2015

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