SingTel / Singapore Telecommunicationsvery very poor service

My name is Chia Wen Chien, NRIC S1398799H.
I am giving this information so you can look into the details of my case over the past 5 days from 28/5 - 1/6/2018.
For Singtel TV I have been paying for a service to have two TV boxes.
On 28/5 I exchanged a faulty TV setup box. Subsequently found that I could not access service for two boxes but only one. After contacting the technical desk, I was told that the service will be reactivated at 6:30pm, if not 8:30pm, failing which definitely by midnight. The staff said it would be attended to individually after taking note of the new box's details.
Nothing happened.
I called again on 29th morning and another person told me it will take 1-3 days for activation. I was made aware that on her record, I only had one line entitled. Despite my billing account showing otherwise. Nothing was done despite my insistence.
On the third day, 30 May, when I spoke to another person, and again having to do the same repeated switch off, switch on routine of the past few days, he said that I have only one line on his record and he will have to get his manager's approval to re-activate the second line. This was after me repeatedly mentioning that I have had an existing paid service for two boxes. He said he would get his manager's approval.
After a wait for the service to be re-activated, on the fallacious assumption that something was being done, I had to call back as nothing was done. Now a new person was involved with the other one gone off. And this one didn't know what the other had done. He makes me do the rigmarole unsuccessfully and comes to the conclusion that the next stage is to send a technical team down. The appointment is for 2 days later. And he wasn't going to make the effort of getting someone to attend to my problem earlier or as a priority despite the problem persisting for the past 3 days.
The assumption is that it is a hardware problem.
While we are arranging the appointment, the non-working new box works. And the other box which has been working whilst we are speaking, stops working. I make him aware of this and tell him that the problem is still the problem of not having the second line activated. From my previous conversation with his colleague, it requires a manager to do this.
I ask to speak to a manager thereafter repeatedly through phone conversations and the Singtel App as I want to escalate to the next level since the current level is not solving the problem.
On the fourth day, 31 May I phone again and speak to a new person and ask to speak to a manager immediately as my experience has been that the front line can't solve my problem. She refuses to let me speak to a manager now and tells me that a manager will call me in 2 hours time. I said that is unacceptable and I will not be free. I said angrily that she can then not bother.
The fantastic thing is that of all the things I asked her to do, like get the second line reactivated, to check my account to prove that I am entitled to have two lines etc etc, the only thing she seems to have followed is to not bother. I say this because nothing happened to solve my problem and no manager called me.
Let me make it clear at this juncture that my request and later insistence on speaking to a higher authority was not to complain but to get my problem solved as the staff had told me earlier that it required a manager to approve the reactivation and the fact that the current level was not solving my problem that was persisting for 4 days.
It was a problem that started immediately by an erroneous action on 28th that resulted in your records showing I was entitled to one line only. An error that can be effected in a split second but that was not solved in 4 days.
Today my problem was solved. Don't be too quick about congratulating your company because the way it was solved shows up more clearly the substance of my complaint and why I am now making a complaint.
Mr Khairul, the technical staff assigned to come to my house, called me beforehand to confirm my appointment. I mention his name because he deserves accolades. I told him briefly that I thought it was not a hardware issue because the new box is now working and the previous box is now not able to work. I told him that he needed to check whether two lines were activated or else he would waste his time coming over since that was the problem. And he can check my account to verify that I was supposed to have two lines. He said he would do that check. Shortly after that he called to check back saying that the two lines were now up and working. True enough now both boxes were working again.
When I asked him what he did, he simply said, "I checked you were supposed to have two lines but only one line was activated. So I just switched on the other one."
No manager involved for approval, no need for approval. I was to have two lines, so he gave me two lines. Mr Khairul was simple and knew what was lacking and what had to be done and did it.
As I have been telling the other staff all along, it just needs a simple step.
Now you know the details. Let me give you my complaints about the very, very poor service standard of singtel.
I am not singling out any individual and so have not named any except Khairul. The trash service I have received is a reflection of the corporate trash service standard of singtel.
1) My case is attended to only when I am speaking to someone and for that duration. There is no indication that follow up is done to continue to solve the problem after the phone call. The person I next speak to starts the same process all over again. If really a manager is needed to approve the re-activation (and Mr Khairul proved otherwise) no one followed up on getting the necessary done. That is why it has dragged on for so many days. Conclusion singtel cant be bothered and/or largely incompetent
2) when I ask to speak to a manager or the next level up as the problem is not solved, I never got to speak to one. This is downright rude and high handed.
3) In the face of promises of delivery of solution, we'll trained apologies and assurances, but actually non-delivery and non-follow-up of any actions, I find that all the advertising slogans hard to fact they appear to be out and out lies.

Wen Chien

Jun 01, 2018

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