[Resolved] SingTel / Singapore Telecommunicationsbilling payment via singtel app

On 01/12/18, i made a payment of $170.40 for my mobile account [protected] via the singtel app however was prompted that the payment was unsucessful. Following up to that, i checked against my dbs ibanking account only to found out that the above mentioned amount was on hold. I rang DBS customer care for clarifications with regards to the holding amount and confirmed that the amount was on hold by Singtel. On 06/12/18, i called Singtel to raise my concern and was attended by a very helpful lady who informed me that the case would be followed up the latest by monday, 10/12/18. On 07/12/18, a singtel representative called to clarify about the payment deduction by Singtel on my banking account which i confirmed it was. Proving to that, an email was sent to [protected] with the screenshot of my ibanking payment details. As i thought everything was settled for, the day after on 08/12/18, another singtel representative again called to check on the payment deduction which was confirmed again by me that an email was sent as prove of the payment deduction. Leading on to that, again today i was called by a representative for a confirmation with regards to the same thing. My main concern here is why was there so much inconvenience caused just for a payment? I made it clear and precise with email as prove but over and over again i had people calling me for confirmation over the same thing. Am i suppose to repeat to every single person who took over my case? Why was there so much glitch and miscommunication on Singtel's backend? I do not penalize all the customer care officer whom i spoke to as all of them did a very good job in providing service. I may not know your system however, Singtel should really look into this matter so as not to cause further inconvenience to any other singtel users.

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Dec 10, 2018

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