Singtelrelated payment of mobile phone

Date of incident: 29 March 2016

Lodging a complaint due to mobile phone's line. Earlier this month I paid 80% of my phone bill. Yes, my bill accumulated and it cut off but I still paid 80% of it. But now the line is cut again, its only less than a month. I am furious due to Singtel's action being unreasonable. Singtel is not even understandable of customer's needs. There are families that are financially unstable. It's not like people are not paying the bill but just a little delay. I'm fine with it if I didn't pay the bill for 1 and a half month or nearly 2 months, Singtel can cut my line by all means. But this time round it is unbearable, it is barely a month and my line is cut. You guys are lack of patient and seems more like a "legal loan shark"; wanting customer to pay up by cutting mobile line, and its not like Singtel is not earning any money. You guys have purchasing power to open so many branch. There are lots of people that are unhappy with Singtel's service. We can continue to sign our contract with Singtel, but it also require that Singtel provide good service and company to be more understandable. Hope you can look into this matter as soon as possible before the situation turn from bad to worse with decreasing of customers. I will end of in a polite way and please don't mind any affection or insult. Thank you.

Mar 29, 2016

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