Singtel / lousy & unprofessional serivce

Singapore, Singapore

First and foremost, I would like to apologize if I might sound harsh.
As I am really feel extremely irrigated, frustrated, unhappy and disappointment with Singtel Service! I regret having 2 years contract with Singtel, I believe I will terminate the service once I fulfil the 2 years.

During 18th Dec 2014, I was having network distortion. My 1st call to your customer service 1688 around 10am, not to say I was being hold for several minutes. The officer that picked up my call, simply told me there is some network problem and got to wait for 2 hours. However I explained to him that it couldn't be. As I have colleagues surround me using Singtel and we are at the same areas, I believe we share the same coverage but why only me facing this problem. I told him could it be my SIM card problem? As recently I bought a nano SIM card, however I din activate that SIM card as my hubby's phone was spoilt therefore I am letting him have my IPHONE, and currently I am using NOTE 3. Is so obvious nano cant be used on NOTE 3! AGAIN he put me on hold for several minutes, finally he told me yes it was because my OLD SIM CARD has been deactivated and if got to reconnect I got to pay S$10. As a customer I feel being cheated, is not because of the S$10, I feel cheated why I was not being informed that the OLD SIM CARD will be deactivated and Singtel is just going to earn that S$10 out from me for nothing? Why Singtel can msg though my mobile nos guiding me how to active NEW SIM CARD why cant it msg me saying my OLD SIM CARD will be deactivated? I don't mind to pay that S$10 if msg was bring across in the 1st place! That Officer promise to return my call in 2 hours time as he need to check with his mgr if that S$10 can be waived. GOSH I don't know why he need 2 hours!

Please take note this is my company line, and I am a sales personnel. Remains un-contactable shouldn't happened to a sales personnel. 3 hours, I waited for 3 hours and I decide to call back 1688. AGAIN was hold for minutes, another officer picked up the call told me that my request was still in processing, and my line should be able to reconnect around 3pm. Well HOPE was given to me again. And I asked him will I be charged for my NANO SIM CARD, I am not using that SIM CARD definitely I wont be paying for a thing that I am not using. Your kind officer told me that SINGTEL is doing promotion as long I bought it online I wont be charged. He said he confirmed that it wouldn't be charged! I am being such a fool to believe him and I keep on and off my phone when reaches 4pm. Well I waited patiently as I cant stand to call SINGTEL 1688 as I know I will be putting on hold again.

However during 7pm I cant stand it any more, I made another call to SINGTEL. AGAIN I was on hold, but this time round the 3rd officer asked me for my SIM CARD NOS. He said without SIM CARD nos my OLD SIM CARD cant be activated! Well can you see for the 1st 2 call, I was treated like a fool? Although the 3rd officer guarantee me that he will do a closed follow up with the case, still I insist to speak to his manager! I explain the whole thing to him, and I asked him to give me a satisfied answer. His name is Mr Emmanuel, all I can said he take his initiative to call me and update the reconnection status. Though I was treated like a fool by SINGTEL almost whole day nevertheless it cool me down. I din expect that I will be dropping this complaint email to you till I receive my bill on 26th Dec 2014. Guess what I was being charged NANO SIM CARD! AGAIN I WOULD TO EMPHASIZE I DON’T MIND TO PAY FOR THING THAT I USED! WHY SINGTEL IS TRYING ALL MEANS TO EARN THOSE MONEY THAT IS NOT WELL DESERVE?

WELL, pertaining on the waiver of my Bill, I manage to get attention only after my 2nd call to SINGTEL 1688! 1st call promise to call me back but nothing has been done. Till my 2nd call!
Honestly, I am also using M1! At least at the moment M1 is not giving me such a router customer service! if you were me will you still subscribe to SINGTEL?
ALL I can say is lousy & unprofessional customer service, mostly importantly we might even can billed for those unknown thing!

Can anyone give me a satisfied reply pertaining all the above? Or singtel is having a large customer based by loosing one or two customers is alright?

Lastly, I don't understand why my name can spelt correctly in the mailing address but not the details charges. From this we can see how professional SINGTEL is.

Dec 26, 2014

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