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I'm filing a complaint against SingTel for their disappointing customer service and network failure since 3 weeks ago. To date, none of my discontentment has been addressed.

I have first raised issue to SingTel at the beginning of October 2017 regarding failure of home phone & internet connectivity.

SingTel technician came to fix it, home phone connection was fixed but the internet connectivity got worse to the extend that even if you stay close to the modem it doesn't connect and drop to 4G. Which I was then being offered by SingTel to change my current ADSL to Fiber to address my issue.

As a customer with SingTel, I need to continuously follow through with SingTel without getting any prompt assistance/callback. For the last 40 hours now, SingTel has been telling me that their system is down and they cannot make immediate arrangement for Fibre replacement.

We also compromised by allowing their Technician over to fix the ADSL but still connectivity still failed (to the extend no connectivity even when we are next to the modem) after a couple of visit changing the ADSL modem twice.

For that reason, our entire household has burst out data plan since the beginning of October and it's continually accumulating to a horrendous amount.

This requires immediate attention & compensation from SingTel!

Oct 22, 2017

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