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I've been waiting patiently for Singtel to resolve this for over a month before it was transfer to email correspondence. It has been another month since our first email correspondence. There must be at least 10 email exchanges and phonecalls but yet there is no suitable resolution proposed. Why is that?

This email to Singtel summarizes my complaint.

I have been a Singtel customer for a long time and the
recent episode have left a bitter taste in our mouths. We feel hard done by

This is my perspective.

1. Singtel representatives came to our home to offer
'upgrading' services. They explained that this is part of their scheduled runs
to upgrade existing customers to the superior fibre services. We declined the
upgrade as we were happy with our current plan with Singtel.

2. The representatives then went on to reassure us
that there will be no increase in charges for both the act of upgrading and
also the subsequent contractual agreement with Singtel. With that assurance, we
invited them in for the upgrade.

3. Their first attempt of upgrading was unsuccessful
(We couldn't receive BPL and there was a big match of Liverpool vs. Man City).
I then told them that I want to keep to our current plan and do not wish for
the free upgrade. They told us that they can arrange another visit and again
reassured us that it will be at no extra cost both the act of upgrading and
also the subsequent contractual agreement with Singtel.

4. As they were about to leave, they told us to acknowledge
certain forms. They did not run through the form with us nor did they bring our
attention to the change in subscription fees. I honestly believed the Singtel
representatives that the upgrade to fibre was free. Until I received my bill.

As I have told the Singtel representatives, we
are happy with our current plan with Singtel and have no need for fibre
services at this point. Please advise on a suitable resolution on this matter.



Sep 22, 2014
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  • Hl
      Jun 27, 2015

    ATTRITION is a standard SingTel tactic to frustrate and delay customers. No one has time or is too busy to check the detailed billing BUT you must because that is how they nickle & dime all their customers.
    Imagine $2.00 from every customer, every month.
    No wonder, SingTel CEO pays herself $5.6m per year because of the ""profits"" she generates.
    Remember - SingTel was Singapore Telephone Board was Singapore Telecoms - a state communication body which paid for its infrastructure with tax payers $$$

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  • Lm
      Mar 03, 2016

    I am just as disgusted with Singtel. Imagine 3 months and still not resolved. They went back on their words. I could understand if it is the lower mgt but ridiculously how you could expect such devoid of commitment even at managemnet level at comcentre at 68383388. Took a long time to find out who their CEO are. Disgusting lot! Can even tell me now that it took so long because they dont agree. Then straight away cancel the whole deal instead of into months! still awaiting for scheduling for their ceo yuan to meet up with. Couldnt believe these guys even at mgt level!! Disgusting!!

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