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This is don't know how many times I have encountered NOT receiving delivery advice slip from SpeedPost! I have never encountered of such from the usual SingPost Registered Mail. Only SpeedPost postman will have the cheek to state "Delivery attempt was not successful as courier has no access to delivery address" in SpeedPost system! Hello, I have checked with my condominium management and they find it so amuse and absurd reason that SpeedPost either the officer from the call centre or the SpeedPost postman could gave! There is definitely no such blockage for the postman to leave the delivery advice slip in the mail box. How I got to know there is such delivery to my house? Only when the sender informed me today 7-Feb-2015 via email at 3pm. With the tracking number, I quickly punched in Speedpost website, then realised there was a failed delivery attempt yesterday 6-Feb-2015 afternoon at 12:16pm and today the item has already sent to Bukit Panjang PO at 10:42am, never giving me a chance to make known to SpeedPost to ask for redelivery! Cos, SpeedPost officer told me over the phone that once the item has sent to Bukit Panjang PO, there is nothing they can do to overwrite the system for redirect or redelivery! The only thing to hear from the officer is ONLY sorry and I have to physically go to Bukit Panjang PO within the next 5 days to collect the item personally! WOW...that is called SpeedPost Service, ask addressee to go pick up your own post! For goodness sake, Bukit Panjang PO is so out of the way and so inconvenience! And they're sure that this is SpeedPost "PRIORITY"???! In my last complaints to them over similar matter, I paid for the shipment fee yet I had to go Bukit Panjang PO to collect the item personally! So, will SpeedPost refund me this part of self-collection fee?!! The only answer I received from the officer was: "SORRY mdm, refund is not possible"...Wow! seems like SpeedPost really know how to make business!!! And Please don't come and tell me this is the first time they encountered. Cos' this has happened to me so many countless times now and I have just lodged a complaint only last November against SpeedPost on the same matter!!! Obviously, SpeedPost is NOT looking into this matter and I plead them to stop sending me email to say will look into this matter when they're not sincerely looking and solving this matter especially when they outsource to external postman! I'm utterly disappointed with SpeedPost. Everytime I hope that my items are sent via the usual SingPost Registered Mail so that if no one is at home to collect the item, at least I'm assured that I will have my delivery advice slip in my mailbox and can arrange for redelivery from Bukit Panjang PO. So, SpeedPost please don't come and tell me your SpeedPost postman cannot enter our condo to drop delivery advice slip, totally craps! Also, the officer, since you said can arrange redelivery provided the item hasn't sent to Bukit Panjang PO, shouldn't there be a grace period for us addressees to do so for making call for arrangement? Just less than 24 hours, item was already at Bukit Panjang PO, giving no chance for the addressee to call! I don't know how many times SpeedPost will receive my same complaints over and over and over again, this only shows that SpeedPost is incompetence and treating feedbacks and complaints NOT seriously. Hence, SpeedPost don't act like you will look into the problem by just sending email to "ensure"...we are not kids!

Feb 7, 2015
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  • Si
      20th of Oct, 2015

    Yep, SpeedPost is seriously hopeless.

    In all places why Bukit Panjang? Why can't they route to the nearest post office? I don't stay there and has no plan to go there just to collect some stupid parcels. I actually paid for delivery, not paid to self-collect. Anyway I'll just leave the stuffs there for their enjoyment, follow by filing a non-receipt claim to the seller.

    Oh and I don't pity the seller - I specifically asked not to use SpeedPost and they refuse to listen.

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  • La
      17th of Dec, 2015

    Hi there,

    I feel your pain. Could you let me know what was the phone number you called to talk to their customer service officer? I am experiencing the same problem with almost exactly the same premise. My incoming delivery (sent from South Korea) was delivered today. After checking the status on Speedpost's online tracking, I found out there was an unsuccessful delivery attempt due to "no access to delivery address". I came home to find NO delivery advice slip in my mailbox or under my door. There is no instruction whatsoever to me, as the customer, as to how to retrieve the item. Even worse, after trying to give Speedpost a call at their supposed "customer service centre" (1800 222 5777 or +65-6222-5777) and wasting another 30 mins googling for another contact number, there is literally no way to reach a human being to inquire about this in a direct way.

    Bottom line: let's all advocate our friends, families, and everyone we know to NEVER use SpeedPost. Hopefully somewhere down the line they get the message and go out of business altogether (what with the lousy "business" they offer).

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