Singpostparcel delivered to wrong address and country!!!

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My friend had sent me a parcel containing items worth 500 USD via USPS from Austin, Texas on June 18th and I kept following up with singpost so as when the parcel will arrive. I was caught by surprise when they told me on 1st of july that the parcel has been delivered on 26th of June. But I never recieved the parcel. After investigation, which took a few more days I found that the parcel had been delivered to a logistics company who inturn sent it to Indonesia!!!
Do you belive what kind of incompetant staff are working in singpost! how could they deliver a package to someone else even though the ADDRESS PRINTED WAS CORRECT WORD TO WORD.
when I checked with them they accepted it was their mistake and today is 11th of july and they are telling it will take another 2 weeks to bring it back. when I asked for compensation for the mismanagement they are telling they will decide it once the parcel has arrived and will be a part of the postage amount used!!! Never use this stupid post-office for any valueable items and they dont know how to handle it. Incompetant goons!!

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  • Yy
      Jul 20, 2009

    the thing about Singpost is that their employees have zero initiative, and customers have to bow down to the employees, who are basically robots.

    They refused to hand me my parcel because it was registered under my mother's (she lives with me) name. I wanted to show my id but the postman repeated "we have to see proper authorisation first" like a brainless tape recorder.

    They have no capacity make simple decisions or basic judgements on their own at all. Much less on bigger matters such as yours. They'd probably have to ask the president first.

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  • Je
      Jan 05, 2011

    I'm a receptionist. I alway received wrong address letters and also heard my suppliers complained that their didn't receive their cheque or invoices although we had already sent out for one or two week times.

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  • Br
      Jun 25, 2012

    I will never use vpost again. I've had a horrible experience with their UK service. unsure if it is better for shipping from other countries. "But I'm completely put off. I will use it for Christmas gifts from my family in the US but nothing else. I'm so disappointed and feel completely taken advantage of. I'm out about $100 and that is enough for me to SAY NO to Vpost!

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  • Ca
      Jul 22, 2015

    Omigosh Im encountering the same thing as you, it says delivered but to where?!!
    no idea!

    it's a package from USA as well

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