[Resolved] Singapore Post (SingPost)speedpost parcel delivery

This is a timeline of what happen
1. 30/Nov Call Singpost service line asked what's the date the delivery will reach, the person told me if it's early will be on Sat if not Monday latest 7pm.
2. 3 Dec, made 2 calls, one in the noon asking if the delivery will be coming today, he said yes latest is 7pm, 630pm made another call they told me to wait patiently, waited the whole day didnt recieved anything, no call no update saying delivery wont be coming today until 958pm where they updated the status to delivery failed due to unforeseen circumtances.
3. 4 Dec, when I called asked why the parcel didnt deliver they asked why didnt I check the status update, it was at 958pm I waited the whole on monday just to see it updated at 958, how ridiculous is this, secondly I asked why monday delivery failed shouldnt it be high priorty on a tuesday the person still told me if high priorty then what about tuesday delivery, this reply is really unacceptable and ridiculous, so are you telling me that my delivery suppose to reach on a monday didnt come so it is not your responsibility to delivery it by tuesday morning or even by tuesday? so within the noon I made a couple of calls all towards the supervisor to ask when will my parcel be here and they told me that I have to hold my calls because all are not free to answer my query, and when they did all told me that before 7pm once again I waited and keep waiting, until 745pm I called back to ask for the specific supervisor why didnt he call me back he told me he was on another call, so I waited again.
4. On wed noon they called me telling me that they were here but people refuse the parcel, I asked my entire family member if there was a parcel all of them told me they didnt recieve anything, this meant either they deliver it to the wrong address or they definitely didnt come at all. So he gave me a choice of whether I want it redelivered or self collection, I told him to ask for redelivery let me know the update whether if its possible, again he didnt call me back until I called him back, saying he was too busy, I waited the call for almost 4-5hrs. In total I spend about 100mins of time talking and holding on singpost line for the pass 3 days, parcel didnt come on wed which I needed it by monday. This is really unacceptable, because of this I incur a loss of few hundred to few k, and they keep delaying and there wasnt any compesation, they just keep telling me sorry about it, will send it by 7pm and didnt deliver and tell me next day wait till 7pm again and again from monday to wed, tomorrow is thursday and nothing is done, I donno where my parcel is, I donno if they can send it or where is it. Please follow up with me on this, this is really getting on my nerves and I am furious with the service, I pay a premium for this and I expect service to be top notch. But all I receive are irresponsibility and incompetency. I expect somebody to call me and follow up on this issue I have.

  • Resolution statement

    Customer care service did everything in their power to resolve this complaint. All attempts to contact the complainant have failed. Therefore, this complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and it's services are concerned.

  • Singapore Post (SingPost) Customer Care's Response, Dec 06, 2018

    Hi, Low Jia Yi. Thanks for sharing with us your feedback. Please allow us to look into this and we will get the team to follow up on your case.

Dec 05, 2018

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