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I have shipped an item from USA to Singapore two weeks ago with a guaranteed shipping date of 29 September 2015. It was a premium shipping which comes with tracking details. The last update was on 27 September 2015, and it said "Your item departed a transfer airport in Changi, Singapore, SINGAPORE on September 27, 2015 at 10:50 pm. The item is currently in transit to the destination." When it failed to show up by 30 September 2015, I made a call to US postal service, and asked them to help me to locate the parcel cos after all, I shipped via their service. They acknowledged that it had entered into Singapore, but have yet reached the customs. They have emailed Singapore postal agents to assist in this matter. After 4 email attempts to contact the Singapore postal agents, no reply was made. I headed down to Singapore post to show them this, and all they said was it was not scanned into Singpost system so they cannot do anything. Finally, we managed to escalate it to a Duty Manager at a branch. Looking at the tracking details, he denied that it was in Singapore. He mentioned it was still in another airport in another country, and said it was out of reach of Singpost. The tracking detail said "Your item departed a transfer airport IN Changi, Singapore, SINGAPORE on September 27, 2015 at 10:50 pm. The item is currently in transit to the destination." He kindly mentioned to us if it is in Singapore, a postal agent (from USPS) will pass the item from the plane to Singpost, and that is when they will scan and take over the parcel. So we asked them if we could have a contact email/number of this postal agent. He said no contact, only computer system. A computer system delivers the item from the plane to Singpost? What a smoke bomb. He continues by saying again since it was not scanned by Singpost, it is not the fault of Singpost, and that the item might not be in Singapore (AGAIN! when the tracking details CLEARLY shows it has landed in SINGAPORE). Does he take me as a fool? Also, maybe thats how Singpost shrink their responsibility when mail gets lost, they just say its not scanned into the system? Or it could be that their agents was being dishonest and when they got the package, they purposely did not scan it. Honestly, we are not blaming singpost for losing the package, because maybe they did not receive it, but the fact that the package is in Singapore (from the tracking details), we need a contact information of the USPS postal agent to see if they really missed it in passing it to Singpost and they just say no contact number. How weird? An office or a person with no contact number exist in Singapore??? The only thing Singpost asked us to do is call the USPS US hotline, which is another useless company, and you think we did not do that? But we figured that USA being 3, 000 miles away would be harder to deal with than a local postal service which is nearby. But its sad to see how Singpost has ended up like that, no responsibility and total disregard for its customers. It is no wonder people are losing faith and confidence in such "government" services and turning to other companies like DHL and Fedex. I am facing a lot of problems tracking a missing parcel that I sent from USA to Singapore. My case ID is DE3345793. It was a parcel with a guaranteed shipping date of 29 September 2015. The item's status was that it arrived in Singapore airport, in transit to destination. The first two calls I made, customer service representatives have told me that the items was stuck in customs and it should be delivered soon, and asked me to be patient. I asked them if they could contact the Singapore postal agents. They said only electronically. So I waited. After two days, I decided to call the Singapore customs and immigration myself. They said they did not receive it. So I called USPS again. The third customer service guy told me its in Singapore customs. After mentioning that I called Singapore customs and they mentioned they didn't receive it, the customer service guy said oh, yeah I think it didn't get to customs. (Seriously, shouldn't they be telling me whats going on, instead of the other way round), and he said he will ELECTRONICALLY remind the postal agent in singapore to reply to their inquiry. I asked if they could call them instead of emailing, because emailing obviously is not working, and they said no contact number, only electronically. "Everything is done electronically. No contact number." Which really makes me wonder really? No phone number at all? Cos even I being based in the United States could speak to Customs in Singapore, you dont have a contact number of your fellow colleagues working in Singapore? All USPS customer service officers can do are just typing emails (after emails, after emails), and sending them. They do not even bother helping to even attempt to try to get a contact number and get it for me. They mentioned they have a research team that will investigate further, it either never happened or no one bothers updating me at all. I have to call them everyday for the past one week. I just feel that many of these postal services these days do not even attempt to track a lost parcel, cos they feel that everything can be resolved by insurance and by paying the customers back the money, but sometimes its not about the money. Its about the trust the sendee has that the sender has sent out the parcel. I feel that many of these customer officers are just rattling off from a script, and hopefully you will just forget about the issue.. What hope should we have in postal service again? Really sad.

Oct 07, 2015
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  • Ma
      Nov 02, 2015

    Agree...they just rattle on in a robotic manner. I am having the same issue now with my parcel...I cant bloody get through to the robot of a singpost operator because he just keeps repeating the same line, that it is not in Singapore yet.

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  • Ey
      Jul 18, 2016

    I'm having the same issues now, wondering if you received your parcel in the end?

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  • Va
      Nov 27, 2016

    Did you manage to get your parcel in the end? Because mine has the same tracking update!

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