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At first it wasn't too bad. The main problem was after my 4GB ran out, they didn't just slow me down, they weakened their signal to me. I couldn't even think about watching a 3 minute YouTube video without having to wait on it to buffer. After the data ran out, there wasn't any 30 second videos. It was so slow all it did was time out. So I got used to that. A few months go by...
I start noticing that 4-5 days before my plan ended, the signal would totally be down. I thought the tower was down. I would call customer service (a joke). The first call after they did their routine, they told me it was the tower. They gave a ticket number. 3 days later I call back, the tower is still down. They closed the ticket without checking to see if their tower was up. I couldn't believe they did that. Anyway it came back up later that day that I told them how sorry they were. SOOOO after I pay my bill, The tower stays up again til 5 days before my plan ends.
Then as each month goes by That 5 days goes to 6-7 days, then 10-12 days, then 18-22 days. Then 3 months ago the tower is down the same day I paid my bill!!!
...So whenever their tower is down, if I turn roaming on, I will have service but it is about useless. If I am lucky enough to be able to make a phone call, the line drops or there is so much static that I cant hear the person on the line. AND internet???? what is internet???? IF I can get a web page, it has to try to re-load 10-20 times, then times out, I can sometimes get a small web page.
Here's the bad thing they do:::::: you won't believe this one...After loading a new plan onto my account, they immediately make sure I am in a roaming condition, that means no 4G or LTE service. I get "E" service. BUT... THEY COUNT MY USAGE as me using 4G. So while I am getting sucky-terrible service, they tick off my data plan. Then when its about to run out, they send me a message that I can purchase more data. I can't believe it. Most of the time, I haven't even seen a 4G screen . 12 nights out of the 30 they turn off my phone service. When they do that I don't not only get internet at any speed but I don't get any regular phone usage.,
Back toward the beginning of being with them, their automated voice thing asked me if I wanted to set up automatic draft from a credit card. I said NO. They interpreted this as yes. Even when confirming, my NO was yes to them. So I went along with it. I got to pay it anyway. SO the first month rolls by, 4-5 days before my plan ended, they charged my account early. Then started the new plan. I lost aat least 3 days of plan.
As for the maps feature, one day I had to drive about 20 miles and find one location, by the time I got the Maps program to come up and get a signal, we were already there, getting out of the car.
I have it set up where I would get warning e-mails or texts concerning storms or tornadoes. The last time we had one, I got the warning the next day.
This list of complaints goes on some more. Now I am wondering why there is not negative stars. Or at least a 0 star.

Jul 25, 2018

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