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Silverline Security / Misrepresentation of Company

1 MD, United States Review updated:

Two representatives from Silverline Security (Safeguard America) knocked on my door even though I have a highly visible sign on my door discouraging solicitors. I asked them several questions through the door and wasn't able to understand what they represented. Finally, they said they were with BGE (our local gas and electric company). I asked if there was a fee for what they were doing, and they said, "No". I opened the door to find two salesmen from Silverline Security standing there. They have no connection with BGE and charge a minimum of $125 for their security system. I believe that these salesmen blatantly misrepresented their company and its fees. They also ignored my request for privacy.

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  • Ch
      6th of Jun, 2009
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    Silverline Security **just** knocked on my door here in Odenton, Maryland 21113. When I asked the person on my porch to identify himself, he said he was from Silverline (which I had never heard of), and then said he was from General Electric, which was a misrepresentation. I did not appreciate someone trying to sell something to me, uninvited, in my own home. The whole key to whether or not a company is ethical and reputable is **time.** I asked the salesperson to give me **time** to review the paperwork and think about the offer before I signed... any reputable sales person would have respected that. Instead, this individual started explaining to me how the offer was a really limited time opportunity, and I needed to jump on it then and there. I explained to him that I did not appreciate being accosted at my own home, and asked him if he could come by the next day, but he declined. He asked what questions I had about his company, because maybe he could clear them up; I said it wasn't a matter about him clearing up anything... It was just a matter of him backing off and giving me **time** as I did not feel comfortable signing my name on anything 15 minutes after meeting someone. The more he pushed the issue, the more red flags went up in my mind. I asked him for his business card, as well as any other literature he had. He did not give me a business card, and did not leave a copy of the contract for me to review. This APPROACH is predatory and inappropriate. NO ONE SHOULD FEEL LIKE THEY ARE A CAPTIVE AUDIENCE IN HIS OR HER OWN HOME. NO ONE SHOULD EVER FEEL RUSHED OR PUSHED INTO ENTERING INTO ANY CONTRACTUAL AGREEMENT, ESPECIALLY FOR FIVE YEARS.

    As a former military attorney, I've briefed young soldiers (who have a low-level of financial literacy and are more susceptible to scams), on how to identify and avoid high-pressure sales tactics. Scams work because they appeal to people's emotions, needs, and desires. The desire to feel secure in one's own home is what every homeowner wants--that is the carrot... that is what gets them through the door. Then, they use that carrot as a stick, and beat you about the neck and shoulders, making you feel guilty or stupid for not being more security conscious by purchasing a system from them. The old adage, "if something is too good to be true, it probably is" is infallable. If the same deal won't be available a week from now, perhaps it's not worth the paper it's written on.

    Don't just close the door if someone from Silverline Security knocks on your door; treat them like the criminals they are and call the police.

  • Ra
      27th of May, 2010
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    I had Silverline come to my home. It was a brother and sister working for the Co. Silverline Sercurity. They were the two neicest ppl. I usually do not like strangers. They told me what they were doing, clearly stated they were with Silverline Security. One of the reps did say General Elec. but that they were auth dealers for GE. Which by the way is not misrepresenting. Anyways, I was not able to get a home security system at this time. They did not push me, they respected me descion. However I know I will call them if I do decide to get one.

  • Ma
      7th of Aug, 2010
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    Well my husband just ran off the Silverline rep today.The whole story was equiptment, three year contract.They said he was working for GE, more BS.Don't deal with this company, I am in New Iberia la, so they are everywhere.Every lie I read on the scam websites were just how this company represented themselves.

  • St
      21st of Aug, 2010
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    OMG!!! I can NOT believe I am reading all these scams from this company!!! I just called the police on one of these guys!!! The idiot had no idea i already had security and with a push of the bottom, the police had him answering questions!!! This guy not only came off rude and unprofessional, but he lied about his real name, claimed to represent GE (major lie), and on and on! His name is really Travis Sparling but claimed to be "Robert" and said he worked for GE but really works for some "get rich quick" sales place called Silverline Security that probably is not legit. DO NOT OPEN THE DOOR FOR THESE FOOLS! and keep your POLICE on speed dial! To much crime out here to be too careful. If you need a reputable security system, you go TO the company, they dont have to come to you...AND keep some HEAT close by! Too many crooks are out here!

  • Jo
      21st of May, 2012
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    Guy knocked on my door today. Shirt said GE. Was selling security systems blah blah blah free this discount that. Said I wasn't ready for any system and I wasn't gona commit to anything. Told him to give me a business card and id think about it. And surprise he said he didn't have a card. Wrote his cell # on piece of paper with GE safeguard... But the web site he wrote down was silverline security systems...? Seems kinda shady to me. If I get a system I will be contacting a well known proven company who I contact first. Not a random door to door person who seams to be posing as one company but really working for another.

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