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This company hires many young salespeople just out of high school or college to fool customers with false advertisement. They will write an invoice showing all the benefits the client is getting when buying this very technologically advanced system. It is a wireless GE system that GE is installing for free and if somebody buys it directly it does not even cost $300.00.

Because they want the customer to sign the contract with them, they cover all the important parts of the contract and summarize what they know he/she would not care about. After signing the contract, they give a three day delay to cancel. When the customer calls before the three day delay, they wait until after the three days are passed to contact the customer and try to solve the issue. Now that the customer has five year contract, the system is not installed properly, it does not work, and they refuse to cancel the contract.

Their customer service people do not have any skills. They treat customers like criminals; all they care about is money when their service is the worst. They removed the customers' old system, if they had one, and threat them to send their names to collection if they would not pay for a system that was not installed properly. They harass customers for their money after they have them sign an unread, hidden contract.

Do not even attempt to talk to them when they knock on your door. They are a bunch of fraudulent salespeople selling false advertisement.


  • An
    anothersalesrep Oct 18, 2011

    I have worked with the sales reps. Adam Schanz is a good guy who is smart enough to start is own company on the side. Rumor has it he has already left Silverline and is starting his own company- APT. Richard brimhall is actually a decent sales rep with a big mouth. I believe he belongs to Adam Schanz (like most of the sales reps at silverline). Matt Smith is the reason that people don't stay at Silverline (and the fact that silverline is right next door to Rose Park- one of the crime capitals of Utah). Socially ###ed and akward, Matt recently hired a lawyer from Pinnacle Security (Adam Christian) as long as the attorney could call himself CEO. In other words Matt get's a lawyer (probably for really cheap) out of the deal, who gets to be the fallguy for matt's shortsighted, and unpopular decisions. Make no mistake Matt runs the company. Silverline is Matt Smith.- Cheap, unorganized, unpopular, socially ###ed, and rebuilding it's sales team from scratch every year. Retaining quality employees is something that will never happen at silverline with Matt in charge, and everybody who works there right now knows that. Chances are, they are new employees since last year- just like every year at silverline.

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  • to richardbrimhall--
    Enron was run successfully for much more than 7 years, but how many victims resulted?
    I'm glad you've got a scam established for the elderly woman who lives alone as well. The simon XT doesn't stack up to the system Lifecall offers, or its month-to-month contract. 5 year contract for an elderly person? Get real.

    If you think that the accusations leveled by former workers and customers are "horrific in Nature", Imagine an employee getting screwed out of a season's worth of compensation, or a homeowner who comes home to find out that her "Glass-break" sensor didn't protect the home from the intruder who entered through the back window, because SILVERLINE SECURITY INSTALLS GLASS-BREAK SENSORS THAT DO NOT WORK. Think about that horror for a while, sport.

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  • Id
    IdahoSetti Jan 11, 2011
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    I've had nothing but a good relationship with Silverline. We've been with them for almost 2 years now, me an my wife had had 3 calls into them, everyone was handled nicely. We love our Alarm system and our neighbors also signed up with them and as of a year with Silverline, they have nothing but good things to say also.

    All my best,

    Frank & Amber

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  • Ri
    richardbrimhall Jan 05, 2011

    It's interesting that you would throw wild accusations that you haven't a clue about and hide behind an anonymous name. Being so disgruntled about how Matt Smith does nothing yet he has ran his company, successfully, for more than seven years now. And what is it that you do? Sit on complaints board and complain. Good for you.

    @ LearningToday
    My name is Richard Brimhall. I work for Silverline Security as an Assistant Sales Manager. I work directly with those named in the complaint. I have worked with 2 other alarm companies and have found that Silverline Security is the most honest company to work with.
    To answer the complaint above;
    1. I've never been nor have I ever heard of someone being "promised" to make anything. There is a lot of potential to make a lot of money, if you earn it.
    2. I have never been trained to say or have said to a potential client that I work for or are from GE. Silverline Security is an authorized GE security dealer ( GE allows us to represent Silverline Security as an authorized dealer.
    3. Five year agreements have become industry standards. When purchasing an alarm for your home there are several costs, three main costs are Equipment, Installation and Monitoring. Silverline, on certain promotions do not charge for equipment or installation so naturally our monitoring cost would be higher. If there were to be an industry standard investment into equipment and installation, monitoring would be lower. It is close to impossible to find a reputable and credible alarm company that charges nothing for equipment/installation and has $30 a month monitoring.
    4. If the house wasn't adequetly protected, that was your fault. As a sales representative you have the option to protect each house differently. For example, an elderly woman who lives alone may only need a medical pendant. Or a family with pets may not want a motion sensor. It is customized to each of our clients. Silverline Security has safeguards and policies in place to make sure under protecting a home is not permitted
    5. I have never worked with or for Adam Christianson. He doesn't exist. That's not a real person at Silverline Security.
    As I said, I work directly with those that were named in the complaint. I find that the accusations are horrific in nature. The mere fact that you are an anonymous writer should prove your claims are unsubstantiated and absurd. Clearly whomever wrote the compaint is someone who simply couldn't cut it at Silverline Security. It is a shame that instead of owning up with personal accountability you would anonymously post garbage.

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  • Le
    LearningToday Dec 30, 2010

    OH and that A- rating on BBB...well anyone can get that all you have to do is pay the better business Bureau after all they are a company trying to make money too. Anyway enough said just do yourself and your purse strings a favor and stay away

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  • Le
    LearningToday Dec 30, 2010

    Please run away from this SHADY SHADY company. They do the majority of the sales during the summer. They will lie cheat and steal to get every dollar they can out of you. From the CEO Matt Smith to the CFO Adam Christianson to the President Adam Schanz (the shadiest one of them all) Plus he is the one that is teaching the whole sales crew how to scam you and he goes on the doors himself. Adam Schanz may be under another SCAM company originated out of UT named APT or Alarm Protection Technology. ITS ALL A SCAM. These guys promise their sales people that they will make 50k to 100k or more in a summer LIE. Then they teach the employees how to say certain things to customers to get the sale. They tell you to push the customer into getting the alarm installed the same day. They teach their employees how to misrepresent themselves and say they are from GE (General Electric) to get people to open up the door. They basically teach their sales people how to do anything and everything to get the sale that same day! They lock their customers into a 5 year contract for $49.99 (most other companies are about 30 bucks a month) When its all said and done. The poor sales person may get 5, 000 to 10.000 a summer if that. You have a bunch of upset customers. You have a lot of people locked in to a 5 year alarm contract which could mess up their credit if they decide to move or cancel.The CRAZIES THING ABOUT IT ALL IS THE HOUSE ISN"T EVEN CLOSE TO BEING ADEQUATELY BEING PROTECTED (a keypad, a door sensor and a keyfob) And the only person that actually makes 2 to 5 million dollars a summer is ADAM SCHANZ, ADAM CHRISTIANSON and the OWNER MATT SMITH. Everyone else is miserable and broke and totally taken advantage of. ITS all a game they tell nothing but lies to their customers and employees, and they have no moral values or ethics whatsoever. Stay away stay away stay away. OH and that free security system that they say you get...well YOU might get 2 doors and a keyfob no windows or anything protected and you can go to and get your entire home secured for $249.99 which will save yourself that $3000 5 year contract. EVERYTHING I SAID TODAY IS THE TRUTH!!

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  • Tr
    Trojanrico Oct 13, 2010

    SILVERLINE SECURITY... WHERE TO BEGIN- THE OFFICE MANAGER HAD THE SALES REPS GET ON HERE AND MAKE FAKE POSITIVE NOTES ABOUT THE COMPANY AND ALARM SYSTEM. I know because I used to be a sales rep for them. The company is a complete joke. And its very true, The company is Adam Schanz... the Fire Marshall in Louisiana has gone Ape Shizz on them and rightfully so. The owner of the company Matt Smith doesn't do anyything! he just checks his emails, and under pays all his employees, over promises, and ruins lives... not just for the poor people who get sold an alarm system that doesn't work half the time, the installers don't even tell you how to properly use the system nor how it should function half the time. It also ruins the reps who sell the system too.. told to lie to people... its a very unprofessional organization. Which is why it will soon go under.

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  • Si
    Silverline_the_scam Oct 08, 2010

    I am offering this as someone who has worked for Silverline for quite a while and wish to offer a true opinion of Silverline. They are a real company, however their business practices should be illegal, they SCAM people into buying alarm systems with FIVE year contract!! They pay up to 700 dollars to their sales reps which makes it crazy expensive to the consumer for the alarm. You can literally find an alarm for 20 bucks a month because they don't have to pay the crazy high commissions. It is true that you can get good deals from door to door sales, however SILVERLINE SECURITY RIPS YOU OFF BY STEALING YOUR MONEY!!! THEY ARE A SCAM AND YOU SHOULD NOT BUY FROM THEM!

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  • Ca
    cali4niachef Jul 22, 2010

    Someone just came to my door trying to sell me the security system. Im home alone with my 2 young boys and this guy actually asked to come in to look at my doors, I told him no I was busy. Then he asked for a bottle of water, it was just odd.

    He was saying there were recent break-ins aroudn town that have been on the news (not true). I live in a small rural town and if there were a rash of breaks ins I would know for sure!!!

    He wouldnt leave me any contact information either, nothing about the system they want to install.

    To the previous positive comments you guys were lucky but I think more people dont have good luck with them.

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  • Kj
    K Jo Jul 02, 2010

    Silverline Security sells GE security systems that are innovative and provide customers with safety, security, and peace of mind. The company is committed to ensuring safety and family values. Security systems provide a sense of well being and alleviates stress and worry in the home.

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  • I agree, involving someone's family is pathetic and ridiculous. The last time someone complained to my parents about me making an [censor] out of them was probably when I was 12. Regardless, Adam Schanz reaches profitability by turning and BURNING vulnerable young adults who don't have steady jobs, and are looking to make money for the summer. People just don't return to work for the guy, because he's a scammer. Oh, and by the way, Adam still hasn't called to settle his account with me. He probably never will. Sooo...I guess I'll stay satisfied helping other disgruntled employees and customers track Schanz down. Let's see, where did I put that info? man, I can't find it right now, I'll throw on the vital stats for Schanz later, I have his Social Security #, date of birth, recent addresses laying around somewhere...I know that it was a big hit when I distributed it to my 2007 coworkers and adversely-impacted Silverline Security sub-contractors. It's getting put on here. there's no 2 ways about it.

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  • On
    OneFineDay Jun 07, 2010

    We're licensed. We work for Silverline and were unable to work for a couple days when we first got out here, because we were waiting on all the licensing and permits to go through. Involving Adam's family is pathetic and ridiculous, no matter how mad you are. The company is legitimate, it has an A- on the, and it is a great security system. So get over your problems and your anger and leave the company alone.

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  • Il
    ilovesilverline Jun 07, 2010

    You people obviously have nothing better to do then to put a honest to good company in a bad light. It's a great company. What kind of psychopath puts someone's address on the internet, putting a whole family at risk. Stop being to juvenile and grow up.

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  • this is directed to S.E.B., and all other 1st season silverline employees. Best of luck to you, I really mean that. How many 2nd season guys work for Adam Schanz? Think about that. MAKE SURE THAT YOU MAKE IT TO SALT LAKE CITY FOR YOUR YEAR-END CHECK. Also, I decided to tell Adam Schanz' parents about their son's business, because his uncle John Burrup (who worked as a tech in Tampa in 2007) said that at the end of the day, Adam Schanz does the right thing. Ms. Schanz requested that I stop visiting her house to seek mediation for unpaid monies.

    If Adam decides to come clean on his account with me (which will never happen) he can reach me at [protected]. I won't hold my breath.
    One more thing--if the business is soooo legit, then how come salesmen get arrested for not having sales licenses?

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  • Se
    S.E.B May 11, 2010

    I am a employee for silverline security. All I have to say is this company is great. The mangers are awesome. They don't lie, do drugs, cheat, not train, not pay and whatever else these dumb EX employees are saying. The system is top of the line and by far the best security system on the market. And please believe me when I say I have worked for a lot of other companies, but this is most def the best on the market. As far as the sales reps go, yeah they hire young people but it is a great oppurtunity to make a lot of money...y not start young. And besides all we do is door to door and it's a ton of walking...older people wouldn't be able to keep up. Lol. Anyone who reads this please don't read that other hateful crap about the company. The system is top of the line, the reps are great at what they do, managers train very very well, and customer service is excellent. If a silverline employee shows up at ur door please listen to what we have to offer. It's an excellent system. It's our job to go door to door. It's a ton of hard work and persistance but not many people realize that when ur standing on their front porch. And for all those upset EX employees, you know you got trained, you knew about deductions and you knew that if you didn't get any sales or any installs ( if you were a tech) you don't get paid. So stop complaining and move on. Sincerly, sarah

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  • Ma
    Matt pushover Smith Apr 14, 2010

    I'm Matt Smoth. I let Adamn run the company cuz I can't handle it. We don't pay our technicians or sales people because me and Adam like to scam young people into wasting their lives. It sure feels good knowing that all these familes are paying us $45 dollars a month and we don't have to pay anyone, rolling around in cash is a blast.. These dumb familes don't even know you can get monitoring for as low as $9 a month (, I've actually seen lower but i'm a lazy ### so i'm not gonna find a better link. You can then buy the equiptment off ebay or an alarmequiptment site for sub $200... LOL It feels good to know a better alarm system could be installed by these familes for extreme ammounts less. I just love their cash and I love that I don't have to do anything to run this company and I hope Adam keeps dating me or my whole world will crumble. We never license anywhere we go because were really sketchy, we just steal and lie.

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  • Cu
    curious -parent Mar 22, 2010

    must be a good company; what company would contact young men in Calif. ask for a meeting not show up, then send them 1000.00 and another 500.00 without even a contract or even interview. sounds good to me. Ya think?

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  • Lu
    lukew1116 Mar 13, 2010

    i am seeking employment and silver line so far has the best deal as far as sighning no contract. I read alot of these blogs and i look at the bbb have to earn a rating with them wich tells me with an a- next best grade to earn being a+ they are winning. To all you unhappy ex employees get over it you were a weak a s and need to justify you sucking at sales. Perhaps most of these complaints were made by the competition. these companies come and go, reason dis honest reoresentatives. They are independent contractors. I am sure to keep the grrreat rating on the bbb if the represetative was dis honest if you made a complaint it would more than likely be handled. There is not a wire on every rep. They would not know unless they were told. I also know to be a rep you must under go a back ground check. Every one needs to eat. If you do not think your families well being is worth 50 dollars a month, you need to recheck your list and find out what is important. With the crime rates rising and people becoming desperate in the tough economy i think as a future employee it is kinda like toilet paper, would not want to be wothout. sincerely luke w.

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  • Ba
    baller23 Mar 01, 2010

    is this company licensed in maryland.i know maryland the installer and the company has to be licensed

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  • Ad
    adam money schanz Feb 22, 2010

    My name is Adam Schanz. I am the man! Basically I recruit guys and promise them the world, yet I make all the money! I make $800 a sale and Matt Smith does whatever I tell him. He would be out of business without me. We have never had more than one office and never live up to our promises. Every year is a whole new battle recruiting sales reps. because they never come back. Make sure you read your agreement thouroughly before you go with Silverline we have all sorts of deductions we never tell you about.

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  • Ca
    CaJeffers Feb 22, 2010

    I would agree completely because I made it my business to contact these people to collect their monthly payments. I have a system that I do not even know if it works. After numerous calls to them, now I have a collection agency who is threatening to report me to the credit bureau. Silver line did not even give me a call when they got their account system up and running. I do not have $3000.00 especially when some fool can not even give me a break down of the charges. The collections phone number is [protected], they are no better. Rude customer service, and for your record my credit is already messed up, so be my guess. I refused to let you take my joy when all you did was to make big holes in my house to install a system that does not work. If Silver line wants to contact me, do so but your nasty and unprofessional collection agency is taking the money that you are trying to get from me.

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  • Fa
    fairnessismymiddlename Jul 18, 2009

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  • Fi
    Firm1 Jul 13, 2009

    SILVERLINE SECURITY HAS BEEN GREAT! I recently had a wireless security system installed in my home by this company and thus far everything has met my expectations. I really felt it was an advantage to have a representative in my home because they could consult me on the best way to protect my home.
    I am a happy customer and have since referred two of my neighbors.

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  • Fl
    Floridian223 Jul 04, 2009

    Great company, great service, I feel I made an investment in the protection of my family. Everybody should have a security system in this day and age. I am sure other security companies are great as well, but Silverline has worked great so far. If any changes I will be sure and post.

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  • Cu
    customer of silverline 2009 Jun 28, 2009

    I have the system and i love it. I read this blog before getting the system and was a little concerned but soon realized that it was not the case. Silverline has been great and i love the system. In fact i got one put in my mothers house as well. I think if you read the above comments you can quickly realized they are from a upset employee. The representative told me they let him go. Anyways they are great. You wont go wrong with them...

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  • Ad
    adam_ May 09, 2009

    Dont even think about getting this piece of sh#[email protected] system. I worked for these scam artist as a tech installing alarm systems for a summer. I had Absolutely no idea what i was even doing, they trained us for 2 days and sent us out there to do horrible installs. I would say 8 out of 10 customers would call us within a couple of days really pist off telling us to go get the system rip out after reading the contract carefully, of course the managers would tell us to ignore those calls. They promised us really good money and since most of us are college students we took it as a summer job, and they ended up riping us off as well. We busted our tales off for the whole summer (10-12 hours a day, six days a week) and did not get a cent out of it. They would tell us to lie to customers telling them that a couple of sensors would cover the entire house, its a bunch of bs. On top of that they hide alot really important details on the contract. BE VERY CAREFUL WITH AN INDIVIDUAL NAMED ADAM SCHANZ!!!He will sweet talk you into signing the contract that you will regret for the next 3 to 5 years (depending on how dumb you are). I don't even want to get into details on the people they have in corporate, its a bunch of Mormons who snort coke all day in their office in Utah(and i have nothing against Mormons just these individuals), believe me i saw it with my own eyes. I also got to meet the "monitoring center people"they will probably answer about 10 calls a day depending on how hung over they are. So be very careful with these people, you have no idea how much you will regret getting this system. Slam the door in their face once you hear silverline security, go with the big commercial company's if you really want a security system.

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  • Aj
    aj dc metro Apr 22, 2009


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  • Al
    alaute Mar 11, 2009


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