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Silverleaf Resorts / Don't work there

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As of Sunday I have quit my job at Hill Country. I was treated like s*it; I was nothing but the dirt on their shoe. I would say hello to one of the managers (one in particular) he would snub his nose at me and would act like I wasn’t there. Hospitality would bring in food for the weekend to serve the guests and all the managers and sales reps would eat the food. Everyone was able to take the food, all but the support staff (total of 4 people) including me. Their reason was to conserve the food for the guests. The left overs were thrown in the trash. I would sit at my desk hungry and had to watch others eat the food in front of me, even the Boss and the very same person who told me I would get fired on the spot for touching the food.

I witnessed first hand as a new sale was taking place, the new owners would skip a signature or an initial of their legal signature, the VO director would then forge the documents filling in the missing signatures or initials herself so they could make sure the contract could go out that week and wouldn’t lose money.

I seen elderly people many times having to walk through the building with oxygen tanks, when in the next room was filled with cigarette smoke while Mr. O' Conner came in to well as some of the managers smoking in their offices, not only in that building but also the new sales department in the contracts office.

Think they really care about their guests or employees? I don’t think so.

I would work many overtime hours without overtime pay...but if I take an hour to handle some personal business then I OWED them that hour more on the job...I would always have to owe them time and it was tough s*it if they owned me any time which they did. Silverleaf is a s*ithole place to work and I finally have had is too short to take this abuse anymore.

The bosses there have this big power trip thing going...they think it's ok to yell at you like a child and break you down till you cry losing your dignity. They don’t care what life you have outside of Silverleaf, they believe they own your a** as long as you work for them and they can treat you anyway they want. Even if it means lying to make sure you are at fault. $8 an hour just isn’t worth that s*it. I witnessed some angry guests that were viewing the Ambassador suite when another sales rep came in with her couple, she then demanded they leave so she could show her couple the unit. They went to the office to complain to one of the managers and he assured them that the sales rep would no longer have a job for the way she acted...SHE STILL WORKS THERE.

So yes they lie and cheat their own customers, they scam them into everything they can.

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  • Jo
      19th of Jul, 2008
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    Thanks so much for posting. We own at HC and while the front desk folks are nice, the sales staff are mostly bullies.

  • Vi
      26th of Aug, 2008
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    I am visiting the Vilages Silverleaf resort in east Texas (Lake Palestine) on Sunday 08/31/08.

    I have no intentions of buying anything. I am a fraud investigator and am very interested in the comments that were posted; especially about forging documents.

    If you have any advice or suggestions on questions to task these people - to potentially confirm their fraudulent activity - please email me at


  • 1f
      8th of Feb, 2009
    +2 Votes

    Get it Right/No the facts

    I read comment after comment from those that went in to Silverleaf Vacation Resorts out of pure greed. You received a phone call or a letter telling you that you won this great prize. It would have been so easy to say no or to file 13 the letter, but a change to win money, a new car, or even a trip is too hard to pass up. So they march in one after another blind, cripple, and crazy. Some take off work, some have no jobs at all, white, black, others, old, young, and yes even those in wheel chairs and with oxygen tanks. All behind greed! Many of you will stand in line and wait for hours for things that we have to pay for, doctor visits, sporting events, entertainment complaining the whole time. But Silverleaf tells everyone up front that there is no obligation to buy. So they show up with their attitudes sit down in beautiful waiting areas and are served by a hostess or allowed to serve themselves buffet style while they wait on a representative to greet them and take them on tour. Some are pleasant and some are just down right rude as if someone made them come. "WAKE UP PEOPLE, NO ONE CAN MAKE YOU DO ANYTHING" Just say no! They go into the sales area and are told how the program can work for them and/or their family. They are taken on a tour of the facility and then brought back to the sales area and asked, what they think of what they are being offered. I can easily say 90% of those toured say the same thing. I like it, I would use it, I just can not afford either the down payment or the monthly. A Silverleaf Sales Managers job is help and find a solution to their immediate problem. The problem and time wasted comes from all the web of lairs that are told when the manager is trying to help them. Look, no one comes to buy a 100% of the people that show up for the tours are there for one reason and one reason only. The free gifts! It is truly amazing how long a person will wait and what a person will endure for a free gift. Just leave. No one can make you stay. The doors are not locked. Everything it explained verbally and in writing and they still go home saying they were not told something. What a cop out. Truth be told, most are caught up in the moment and are not man or woman enough to omit it. So they result in making claims of "I wasn't told". Well bless your little dumb hearts. I have been a Silverleaf owner for 8 years now. My family and I take 3 vacations a year though RCI and take advantage of the weekend getaways to the 6 resorts in Texas at least 10-12 times a year. Our deed has been paid for 3 years now and just like a home even though it is paid for, it still has to been maintained and at $65.00 a month it is worth it to us. My wife is a very smart woman, a Tax Accountant for a Homeland Security Department. I remember driving out to Tyler, Texas for our tour. It was a good drive and we stopped along the way to eat and in Canton to look at some antiques. When we arrive at the Villages, I was surprised at how beautiful and clean the property was. We were greeted in about 20-30 minutes. In the meantime we enjoyed the refreshment and talked. The whole process was a little time consuming but painless. The Manager that helped us showed us different options to get involved that ranged from no way today to maybe. After it was all said and done, I told the Manager no. The only thing he said was "are you sure that we can not help you today". Boy did I feel high pressured! Before he could excuse himself my wife asked him if he could leave the table for a moment. After he left she told me that respected my decision as the head of our house. But she went on to say that I am ok sitting at home watching my sports package, but that she wanted for the two of us and my baby girl to vacation more. We called him back and brought the cheapest package which was a blue deed that only gave you excess mostly during the winter months. (You get what you pay for) People always want first class but want to pay coach. Today we own Red and can not be happier. No company is perfect and we have had a few bad experiences while visiting the resort even through RCI. Bad experiences happen but every single time someone handle the problem quickly and professionally. As of January 1, 2009 we have saved over $589.00 per year and will be willing it to our daughter in hopes that she will one day take our grand kids to Silverleaf Resorts property. I wish Silverleaf had a way to weed out sorry dumb greedy misinformed people like those who have posted comments on this site. Mostly all the negative comments spoke about how long it took. I would be willing to bet that most of the people that go to the tours do not make $20.00 an hour. That they don't get to sit in a beautiful facility that Silverleaf provides doing nothing but sitting listening and enjoying free refreshment. So do the math, is time is well compensated. Doing nothing but relaxing for 3 hours as some have said, free refreshments and gifts that are valued over a $1000.00. You must lead very boring and nonproductive lives that you would get angry about how long the tour took but you would talk about taking time out of your busy lives for free to so call warn people of your ignorance. Wow! Get a life and a clue.

  • Ja
      24th of Sep, 2009
    +2 Votes

    I couldnt have said it better! Kudos to you and your family. We have enjoyed our ownership at OSR for 6 years now! ITS GREAT

  • Ky
      5th of Mar, 2010
    0 Votes

    Well I am sorry to hear that you were treated so badly, however that is how my family and I felt when we were there! AND WE OWN !!!

  • Ky
      5th of Mar, 2010
    0 Votes

    Well that is a load of BULL that no one can MAKE YOU because we did say NO< NO >NO time after time! Then the herrassing phone calls start, we even told them goodbye! Then we were cornered, then they said things that never made any sense until they wear you down and convince you that you accually need them! We told them to take the FREE ### that they offered and shove it and yet they still insisted and pursued us! Just so they could make a CROOKED DOLLAR!! They need to be out of business and so do you for agreeing with them SHAME ON YOU WHEN PEOPLE LIKE THJAT PREY ON INOSENT OTHERS!!

  • So
      10th of Mar, 2010
    0 Votes

    Out of the 100's of complaints I have read so far, which amazingly all complaining of the same issues...your the only one claiming everyone else is...wrong, stupid, gullible, whatever...They get you there under false pretenses -SWEEPSTAKES- NO MENTION- of buying one of their Timeshares- which is WRONG WRONG WRONG-not good business practice...If they were honest with nothing to hide, then there would not be so many complaints...Obviously, there are reasons Sale's People Lie, Or beat around the bush or leave out details...OBVIOUSLY ...the person would hang up or not show up...but is still dishonest/bad business/consumer fraud to claim they won something, just listen to a 90 min presentation and you win a car, vacation...etc...but yet ...every single complaint was about getting sucked into their timeshares...Looks like your out-numbered on this one...In denial!!!

  • Qu
      1st of Feb, 2011
    0 Votes

    All I got to say is that this is all a bunch of bull [censor], they had called me and told me I had won some vacations deals or something in that matter. It sure sounded to good to be true, they also told me to meet them at the village resort which is an hour away from where I stayed and they will give me gas money. Thank God i did not have to drive all the way up there and look like a fool from this false advertisement. All I had to do was Google there website and to see that this was a fraud. I know one day this company will get sued. Don't fall for it

  • As
      14th of Mar, 2013
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    I should have heeded the warnings-but I didn't. I was warned years ago by old co-workers. I see what they were talking about now. SO glad I am not the only one going through total BS with this company. I work in housekeeping I was hired in Mid January. I enjoyed it at first. Lately, however it's been hell. I have been harassed by this one lady who has worked in Laundry for several years. Monday for example was the worst. I was still sick but I came into work anyways. I normally clean the units but they had me stuck in laundry that day. I was at the same table as this lady was and we were both folding towels. She YELLS at me saying "Ashley you need to pick up the pace or clock out and leave, standing around isn't getting the job done." I said OK I am sorry. Then about 15 minutes later I push the pile of towels I had already neatly folded to the center of the table and she pushes them back knocking them all over saying "Ashley you need to styart making towel bags" I said Ok. I bring back 3 bags to my area and filled one up with the correct amount of towels and she says "They go over there Ashley" and points to the bin. I nodded my head I already knew this! So I take my bag to the bin and drop it off then she snaps at me AGAIN. She takes my bag out of the bin and THROWS it to the ground, grabs me by the top of my arm turns me towards dispatch and say's "you need to leave you can't even do your job right you left out the blanket and mattress pad. Clock out and leave". I was shocked to say the least..and embarrassed! Everyone in the building was just staring. There's this one guy who works there and he is perverted. I complained about it to the lady in dispatch and all she could tell me is "Oh yea be careful with ___, he's a pervert." That is ALL they could say! On top of that there's tons of favoritism and greed working for them. You DO get treated like [censored] and they don't appreciate [censored] you do for them. You're more or less their slave at Silverleaf.

  • Mo
      4th of Sep, 2015
    0 Votes

    Ok so my family loved the idea or vacationing more. Ha. Every time we wanted to use bonus time it was unavailable. When we did stay for a owners meeting or something our rooms always had problems. We finally and reluctantly upgraded to the presidential thinking it would be so grand. Our salesman showed us this lavish bed and since I have a spinal cord injury it would be so comfy for me. We requested a handicap accessible first floor room when we bought in. Well vacation time we get there and the room was not even close to what the sales guy showed us. The mattress.. Old and hard as a rock. The room, filled with fruit flies and we found bugs smooshed on the walls among other dirty areas. The room needed to be vacuumed, the canister in it was full of dirt and hair and the cord had been broken and illegally taped with electrical tape. If my child had grabbed it they could have electrocuted themselves! Then the biggest issue the bathroom. Eww. Hair in the shower and on the floor. The tub jets kept shooting out chunks of black stuff when my son got in the tub. I yanked him out and drained the tub. It was gross. I got a closer look at the Jets and they were full of soap ###, hair, skin cells and god knows whatever else. I was appalled. I called the front desk. They sent over a very rude housekeeper to "whirl" the tub. I let him do his job and waited. I tried the tub again. Still coated dirty and shooting out black chunks. Called again and he came back a second time. I then noticed he only had a squirt bottle, no tools or sponges.. Nothing. He simply sprayed the jets and ran the water and made the jets run and left. Third call to the office- I was very upset at this point apparently they don't actually scrub anything just "whirl" the water. She said the black stuff was from old pipes beyond their control. What about the soap ###, skin, bodily fluids etc... Again the housekeeping came back. I asked him to actual scrub the jets and he was Iike with what??? So he huffed and puffed and went in with his spray and a cloth. Well it still was disgusting.. He didn't even remove the jets that just unscrew. What was behind them and the filter would have made anybody gasp and vomit. We got there Saturday... It took until Friday night... The night before we left for them to get it mostly clean. Not even clean enough that I wanted to bathe in it. I took many many photos and I am trying to cancel with Silverthiefs. They have offered to give us back our deposit only. We have a week banked time with them and another week they offered to us because our stay was so bad. I believe they should at least compensate us for those two weeks on top of our deposit. We shall see.

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