At 10:20 pm, Thursday January 15, 2015 I asked a male pharmacist at D.Kooner Pharmacy 1755 E. Broadway at Commercial in Vancouver if there was any more Nin Jiom available as I have really enjoyed this natural product having had bronchitis and now pneumonia which 3 antibiotics have not cleared up in the past 2 weeks. Upon hearing him say that there wasn't any, a female pharmacist whose name I later asked for and was told by him is Ruby, said, "I am obligated to tell you that it may be carcinogenic."

I do not appreciate the rudeness of this 'pharmacist' and wonder where she was 'educated', having no respect to not interrupt a conversation with her colleague nor give me such negative information.

I saw my Father die in Silent Agony from Cancer 5 years ago and do noT 'need' to hear this word, especially from such a Ruby, if that is the 30 something year old First Nations (?) pharmacist's name.

How can you employ such a negative and ignorant person who is neither helping your sales of items your store has on its shelves ?

I have researched Nin Jiom and have found no reference to it 'causing' "Cancer", which Ruby also even more rudely 'answered' my questionning what she meant by saying that (without any proof or references) then to and insult my intelligence even further by saying "It means Cancer" when I well know what carcinogenic means.

Please hire more Sensitive Pharmacists who know How to Communicate in a more Professional manner and to learn to mind their own business when seeing a customer speaking with another pharmacist in your stores. I am reluctant to ever shop at this location again because of 'Ruby's Rudeness.

Jan 16, 2015

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